Libido, hormones, orgasms and fertility – with Mandi Azoulay.

September 25, 2019

Mandi Azoulay is an integrative Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Naturopath with a speciality in women’s sexual health and fertility who believes that everyone is entitled to have a healthy sex life. In this episode, she helps us navigate how! From hormones, to the contraceptive pill, to stress, we explore the potential culprits behind a lost libido (and, how to get it back), the importance of female orgasms and understanding your own pleasure (yes, we talk masturbation!) to how to achieve an, in her words, “Olympic-level pelvic floor technique”. Be prepared to get (more) informed, Moxettes…!

Please note that the information discussed in this episode does not substitute a personalised medical diagnosis or treatment and this is only the opinion/experience of one practitioner. If you think you may be having some issues with anything discussed in today’s episode, please consult a trusted health professional.

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