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Let’s be honest, most of us  have a period horror story.  Whether it’s your tampons  falling out of your bag, a  desperate late-night trip to the  pharmacy, or the most feared:  a period stain you’ve been  blissfully unaware of all day - we’ve all been there. I’ve  definitely had my fair share of  moments that still make me  twitch when I think of them -  periods can seriously beyond  suck sometimes, but they are a completely NORMAL bodily function and something most of us will experience – so why not embrace them, champion them and make them as convenient and as luxe as they possibly can be along the way?!

First born in Melbourne, Australia, back in 2005 as a result of my own frustrations with tampons always rolling around loosely in my handbag, Moxie now exists to make these kinds of days a little less difficult. Think quality tampons in refillable tins (available in both Australian Certified Organic cotton and non-organic rayon fibre variants), reusable menstrual cups in purse-worthy carry pods and pads and liners made with biodegradable plant-based fibres and a touch of silk - and you’ve got Moxie. I hope you love our products as much as we’ve loved creating them. Oh and to this day, we're still 100%, proudly Aussie owned and operated.

But we're about more than just tamps in cute tins; we stand for women, fem-identifiers, the boys who bleed and anyone in between. We're fortunate to have a platform where we can openly discuss the issues that affect and are important to us and so we're going to use it (for good!). I invite you to join us in the convo and in the charge against dismantling the stigmas and taboos associated with our intimate health, whilst championing change and celebrating what it means to have 'Moxie' along the way. Together our voices, actions and choices are so, so powerful. Welcome to the fam, Moxette!

Mia Klitsas
Moxie Founder (also loves a good frock)