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Good question, Moxette! Sometimes it’s a bit of trial and error, but we’ll do our best to help you along. We offer a selection of period products like liners, pads and tampons, all designed to absorb menstrual flow, plus a heap of other Moxie must-haves to help you through even your darkest days (and all the days in between). Here’s a quick run down:


Liners are great for those days just before, as back-up during, or the light days after your period.

Our regular pads are perfect for shark week during the daytime, and our overnight pads are ideal for helping you sleep tight through the night (they’re a little longer in length to catch those pesky side/front/back leaks whilst you’re lying down).

Tampons are a super convenient alternative to pads as they are worn inside the body and are great if you’ve got an active lifestyle. Our tampons are available in Mini (the smallest and lowest absorbency in the range), Regular (for medium flow) and Super (for heavy flow). It’s important that you always use the lowest possible absorbency for your flow, so as to reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).


From mini hot water bottles, to chocolate, to fem-wipes, we’ve got a heap of goodies to help you through shark week. Check ‘em out HERE.

You can shop for Moxie online in Australia and New Zealand via our e-store, or in-store at our various stockists around Australia and other parts of the world. Check out our stockists page for more deets.

The best quality materials we can find!

We have two types of tampons available in our range: our ‘Classics’, which are made with rayon fibres, a polyethylene/polyester cover and a cotton string; and our ‘Organics’, which are made with Australian Certified Organic (ACO) cotton with a polyethylene/polyester cover and an organic cotton string. Both are as efficient as each other in terms of absorbency and still carry the same risks associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS); it’s simply a matter of user choice.

Our pads and liners are made from various materials, including plant-based fibres and dustless paper.

We don’t use any harsh chemicals, pesticides or fragrances in our products.

Our outer packaging and lil’ tinnies are 100% recyclable or reusable.

Absolutely not! We love our lil’ furry friends.

We don't have a pad labelled 'maternity' in our range at the moment, many Moxettes have used our day and night pads in place of maternity pads, as they find them absorbent and comfortable enough for their needs. 

All our Moxie tins are100% recyclable, so just pop them out with your regular weekly collection for pick-up! If you’re not ready to part with them just yet, you can up-cycle them and use them to store knick-knacks like bobby pins, hair ties, buttons, coins… if you’re really adventurous, you can try a DIY candle or DIY deodorant!


We do offer samples whenever they’re available! If you’re keen to try Moxie, please complete our contact form and if we have something in stock, we’ll get it out to you ASAP. Otherwise, sign up to be a Moxie VIP (bottom of the screen) to be the first to know about giveaways and freebies.

Awww, thanks, Moxette, we love you too! We’d love for you to leave a review on your fave Moxie product via our products page. Otherwise, you can send us feedback via our contact form.

Moxie e-store

The beauty about shopping securely via our e-store is that you'll be able to find our full range available; from our tamps, pads and liners through to your fave must-haves like the Moxie mini hotties, chocolates and wipes. Meet the fam! We've also recently added Gift Cards to the mix!

Moxie Box Club is a carefully curated selection of boxes and kits filled with all your fave Moxie must-haves. You can customise by choosing your period faves and shop as you need, or subscribe*! We’ll be updating Moxie Box Club on the regular with new boxes, kits and limited edition merch so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, check out our current selections.


*please note that only boxes and kits marked with ‘subscribable’ can be subscribed to.

If you have a question about your order, the answer is most likely within these FAQs or in the Terms & Conditions section. If you still can’t find the answer to your question please email us at and we'll do our best to help!

Absolutely – we don’t record or store any of your card details.

We get it, remember passwords is HARD (did this one have the capital T, or the 0 instead of the O?).Stress less, Moxette – just tell us your email addy and we’ll hook you up with a new password. You can re-set your password (select 'forgot password') and our lil’ interweb robot thingy will email you instructions on how to make a new one.

Updating your deets is super easy-peasy! Simply log in to your account and update any info you need to. Just remember to hit ‘save’!

Yes, where applicable by law. Please note that as of January 1st 2019, feminine hygiene products (like pads and tampons) do not incur GST and so we do not charge GST on these items. All other products and Moxie must-haves do incur GST, as applicable by law.

Oh no, Moxette! We try our hardest to make sure the chocolate gets to you in one piece, but unfortuantely we cannot control the post or the weather.

If we become aware of particularly hot weather, we will delay shipping where possible.

During the warmer months, if you do not want to risk your chocolate arriving a little melted, we recommend swapping it for one of our other Moxie Must-Have products. But between us, even a little melted, it tastes amazing! If you want to update your selections, you can do so any time by logging into your account (just remember to do it at least 10 days before your next Box is due to arrive!).

Have any questions or concerns? Contact

Moxie Box Club is a variety of Boxes and Kits at various price points and with different contents that are available to purchase as a one-time purchase or as subscription.  

You choose your preferred period products and leave the rest to us!

We’ll be adding NEW Boxes regularly, so be sure to stop by regularly to take a sneaky peak!

We have various price points on offer, currently ranging from $20 - $45!

As we introduce NEW Boxes, our price range will continue to expand. 

Shipping and returns

Our e-store currently only ships within Australia and to New Zealand. Please stay tuned for more countries soon!

Moxie Box Club is currently only available to Moxettes in Australia (shipping is free) and New Zealand (shipping is charged at a flat rate of AUD $10), but please stay tuned - hopefully we'll pop up in more countries OS soon, too!

E-store orders will generally be delivered 5 – 10 days after payment. In super busy periods, orders may take up to 14 days.

Subscriptions will arrive approximately every 28 days.

You sure can! Once your order has been processed and shipped, you’ll receive an email to let you know it’s on its way and with a tracking number. Visit the Australia Post website and input the tracking number to trace your order’s movements HERE.

Due to the intimate nature of our products, we are unable to accepts returns, offer exchanges or provide refunds, except where required by law. All sales are final so please choose carefully – we can’t refund or change orders due to a change of mind.


Subscriptions vary in price and contents – check out our current selections to find one that’s right for you.

We have a variety of subscriptions on offer as part of Moxie Box Club, from period ‘essentials’ to ‘something extras’, all with different products and must-haves included, but all carefully curated to best suit a Moxette’s needs. You can customise your subscription by selecting your preferred period products via the drop-down menus. Check out our current subscription selections.

Every 28 days (from the first date of purchase). Your first box or kit will arrive 5 – 10 days after payment is received.

Nope! Simply choose your preferred subscription, customise with your period faves and we'll do the rest! We’ll re-deliver your same Moxie Box or Kit subscription every month until you tell us to stop. You can make changes to your subscription any time by logging into your account and updating your preferences.

Please note that whilst you can add individual products to your order, you cannot add additional items to your subscription (yet!). For example, if you would like to order an extra block of Moxie chocolate each month, you would need to log in and purchase this separately each time.

Your first order will be billed at checkout and all future subscription orders will be billed every 28 days from this date.

Awww that’s so nice of you! Absolutely! Just add the lucky recipient’s delivery address in the ‘shipping address’ field at checkout. Please note that you can have multiple subscriptions under the one account, but you’ll just have to go through the checkout process for each of them separately when you first purchase.

You can change the period product selections within your subscription any time simply by logging into your account and making the changes you want to. Changes will take affect from your next order (if your most recent order has already been billed, your changes will take effect next month).

You can cancel your subscription anytime simply by logging into your account and cancelling. Please note that if a payment has been processed for your next order, you will receive one last order. Sorry Moxette, but we're unable to cancel or stop orders in their tracks once they’ve been processed.

If your first payment declines, our system will automatically attempt to process the payment again two more times over the next 48 hours. If you have updated or changed your card details within that window, your next subscription order will still arrive by the expected delivery date.


Because our system is so slick and fancy, it will hold back on alerting us that your order is ready to be shipped unless payment is processed… if your card is a bouncer, please investigate ASAP so that we can get your order out to you on time.

Pads for Pads

Girls in developing countries, like Uganda, miss up to 20% off the school year, simply due to poor menstrual hygiene management. We wanted to help curb these high rates of school absenteeism, so we teamed up with our pals AFRIPADS in Uganda, who facilitate the manufacture and distribution of low cost, reusable cloth sanitary pads, which we then give away for FREE to those girls in most need (best part is, they employ 120 local women to make these awesome kits!). The idea is to help young girls manage their periods with dignity, so that they can get the education they each deserve! We fully fund our 'Pads for Pads' initiative using profits generated from the sale of Moxie products - so you know that when you are buying Moxie, you're actually keeping women employed and girls in school - it's that simple. Your choice is powerful! Learn more about Pads for Pads here

We send a trained professional to each school donation we do to help educate students on menstruation, sexual health, and also to teach them how to care for their AFRIPADS for Moxie menstrual hygiene kits.

Providing reusable pads is more sustainable in the Ugandan environment where there are no adequate, sanitised means of disposal; hence each girl is provided with a “Deluxe Menstrual Kit” of washable sanitary pads that will last her for one year (or more, if she looks after it).

Through your purchase of Moxie products, Moxie’s Pads for Pads program has supported over 12,000 Ugandan girls with reusable and sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions, allowing them to stay in school and get the education they each deserve. YOU helped make it happen, Moxette. How awesome are you?!


1.) This promotion commences at 12pm AEST 21/05/19 and concludes at 11:59pm 21/05/19 (promotional period).

2.) The promotion entitles the purchaser to 20% off their online order purchased within the promotional period.

3.) The promotion code associated with this promotion must be entered at checkout for the discount to be valid and applied on that particular order.

4.) Sorry, but we cannot attribute the discount to orders placed before or after the scheduled promotional period.

5.) Sorry, but we can't be held responsible for any technical difficulties.

6.) This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

7.) Valid for online orders purchased via e-store only.


Simply head to the gift card product page in our e-store and select your chosen denomination. Proceed through checkout as usual and your e-store Gift Card will be emailed to you. Easy peasy!

We currently offer Gift Cards from the value of $10 through to $100. 

Your Gift Card will be electronically sent to you (the purchaser) via email - you can then forward it onto the lucky recipient! 

No stress, Moxette. If the balance available on your Gift Card is less than the order total, then you'll be prompted to choose a second payment method for the balance of the order before placing it. 

If the balance available on your Gift Card is greater than, or equal to, your total order amount, then you can simply click 'complete order'.

You can also shop within the same transaction with multiply Gift Cards.

You sure can! Provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.

Easy! Simply click the link provided to you in the Gift Card email. If you have any issues, just hit us up at and we can check your balance for you.

Unfortunately not, Moxette. Sorry!

You sure can! A Gift Card is essentially like having cash and making a payment, just in a pre-paid format - so yes, you can still apply discount codes to your checkout (though please note, discounts are not available on purchases of Gift Cards unless specified during a particular promotion).

* Gift Cards are like cash, Moxettes (just in pre-paid format!) so please ensure they are only sent to and used by the intended recipient. We can't be liable for transactions made on your Gift Card.

* Your Gift Card is considered currency, or a bit like an encrypted credit card, so only YOU can see the full gift card code once sent to you - we don't have access to your code from our system.

* Moxie e-store Gift Cards do not expire, provided there is a positive balance remaining on it.

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