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Life Detox - a real-world approach for taking on 2019.

January 02, 2019

Taking on 2019

Because let's be real: setting resolutions while we're on holiday is never gonna work out. We're back on the grind now, and are ready to craft a foolproof plan of attack to do it right. From detoxing to organisation, here's how we're gonna nail it this year.

1. Out with the old

After carting home new pressies in December, it's time to re-assess what we need. Expired magazines go in the recycling, those boots you never got around to re-soling either go to the cobbler or to the op-shop, the make-up that's past its prime goes in the bin, and the clothes that make you look and feel anything less than your gorgeous self get sold at a market or online or donated to a gal pal or women's shelter.

2. The way you move

Whether it's trying new and ambitious yoga poses, finally downloadinng that Couch to 5K App, or paying a visit to the Pilates studio you walk past every day finding a new way to move your body will stimulate your circulatory system and help clear your mind.

3. Revising recipes

This is always the big one, isn't it? After a week (okay, a month) of holiday parties and spontaneous afternoon spritzes, embarking on a dry month is top of many people's list of resolutions. But setting new healthy eating goals doesn't mean going without! We love to spend Sundays doing serious meal-planning and preparation. There's nothing like waking up on Monday with a portioned bag of prepared fruit in the freezer, ready to be blended into a smoothie; or grabbing a home-made bento box stuffed with whole grains, spiced roast vegies, yogurt and fresh fruit.

4. Go reusable

It is a bit of an investment at first, but setting yourself up to live that less-waste life is great for you and the planet in the long run! Grab a few reusable shopping bags and (the big trick) keep them bundled in your handbag, rinse your reusable cup after every coffee so it's never left at home again, bring your lunch to work in cloth covers or a glass lunch box, start stocking your store cupboard in bulk, and seek out reusable bamboo cutlery and stainless steel straws to eliminate unnecessary plastic.

5. Change your rou-tea-ne

Once you've got a stocked fridge, a cleansed cupboard and that post-workout glow, it's time to curl up on the couch with a cuppa. We've just started stocking Qi's Organic Green Tea Detox, which aids the body's natural cleansing process, is certified organic and fair trade, and tastes delish to boot! Grab one in your next Box Club order and prepare to enter the zen zone.


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