4 reasons why chocolate is good for you.

July 09, 2019

It was World Chocolate Day on Sunday and of all the ‘days’ going around at the moment (seriously, there’s an official day for everything – did you know that there’s even a Lost Sock Memorial Day? It’s on May 9th, in case you were wondering), World Chocolate Day is arguably one of the most glorious.

To celebrate the occasion, here are 4 reasons why chocolate is good for you (as if we needed an excuse):


1.) It’s literally sometimes the BEST ANSWER to many of life’s problems

Period pain? Chocolate (this one, specifically 😉) . Bad break-up? Chocolate. 3pm munchies? Chocolate. Nothing left in the house? Have a craving? Just want to indulge and spoil yourself a little? Need we go on? Although in small amounts, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which is the same chemical our brains make when we fall in love – so it’s no wonder that these lil’ delicious treats give us the warm and fuzzies!


2.) The darker the chocolate, the greater the health benefits

Good quality and low-in-sugar dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants, flavonol (a type of phytochemical that helps with skin hydration, amongst other things – huzzah!), iron, zinc and even potassium. Of course, chocolate doesn’t replace the other nutrients we need as part of a well-balanced diet (i.e. fruits and veg, lean meats or preferred substitutes, etc), but they can certainly live in harmony – it’s all about balance!


3.) It may improve brain function

Ahhh, that flavonol compound is at it again! Some studies have shown that the intake of high levels of flavonol, as found in dark chocolate, can improve cognitive performance and even reverse age-related memory decline.


4.) It might help you live longer

The oldest person to have ever lived (thus far, anyway) was Jeanne Calment – she died at the age of 122 years and 164 days. Her secret? She apparently ate 1kg of dark chocolate per week. If it worked for Jeanne… 😏 (also, she was French, so we’re thinking we need to move there).


Here’s to living a long, rich, healthy, happy life, Moxettes - one lil’ chocolatey bite at a time.