How Mercury retrograde can affect your menstrual cycle.

July 22, 2019

Feeling a little off this past few weeks? Having trouble with your emotions, communicating with people or just general lethargy? PMS a little worse than usual? Turns out, the planets might actually be (partly) to blame.

We just want to preface this by saying that there is no really solid scientific evidence (that we could find, anyway) to substantiate the fact that a planet appearing to move ‘backwards’ in our solar system is actually to blame for life’s mishaps, or those associated with our menstrual cycles. But ‘Mercury in retrograde’ and it’s supposed side effects have been talked about since the mid-18th century - so maybe there is some truth to the hysteria?

Mercury, the planet in question here (also the closest to the sun), doesn’t actually physically move backwards – it’s just that in relation to the speed of the earth around the sun, it moves quicker – it experiences four solar loops for earth’s one and basically ‘laps’ earth. And so, from our perspective here on earth, Mercury looks like it’s moving backwards.

It’s all a little complex, but it seems that this ‘perspective’ has a lot of us convinced that the backwards motions of the planets in our solar system cause our lives to feel like their going a lil’ backwards, too. Remember those times when you were a kid and would pretend to be sick to get off from going to school, only to then actually get sick for reals? Maybe there is some truth to the saying ‘perception is reality’, after all, even when it comes to our perception of the planets on our energy here on earth? And if that’s the case, how can Mercury affect our menstrual cycles? 

In astrology, Mercury is responsible for all things communication - so if you’ve been feeling like you’re having trouble connecting with people, or that you’re not being heard or are feeling frustrated or anxious when dealing with people, these are all in-line with the goings on during a retrograde. If you’re experiencing your period during this time, these things might seem like heightened state of your regular PMS symptoms like stress and moodiness. Ugh, a double whammy! Here’s one we prepped earlier that might help… *10 ways to reduce stress in your everyday life*

Many of us will often experience sleep deprivation whilst on our periods due to the rising and falling levels of hormones estrogen and progesterone, which are responsible for regulating our menstrual cycles. It’s actually their affect on our body temperature that can keep us up at night during that time of the month and so couple this with a Mercury retrograde (retrogrades are generally known for disrupting sleep) and you’ve got a recipe for some sleepless nights ahead.

Standard Mercury retrograde side-effect and also a common period symptom. Mercury is said to make people feel foggy during this time and having your period can also make you feel weak, crampy and just generally sluggish. Definitely not a winning combo!
So, in this crazy time, how can you make Mercury retrograde work FOR you instead of against you?

Simple: until the current retrograde ends on August 2nd, just go easy on yourself, cut yourself and the people around you some slack (be super clear in your messaging and written/verbal communications), take this time to reflect and self-care so that you’re ready to roll when things go back to ‘normal’ in early August.

But brace yourselves, Moxettes. It’s all happening again from October 31st – November 20th