Meet Lucy Lube - setting a new standard in sexual wellness.

August 06, 2021

Moxettes, meet your new intimate pleasure pal, Lucy Lube, and its Founders: Claire Colclough and Alan McCarthy.

We met with team Lucy to talk how they're setting a new standard in sexual wellness with this conscious, considered and clean (made with only 7 ingredients!) Aussie-made personal lubricant.


MOXIE: So, the name of your new product is AMAZING – how did you come up with it?!

LUCY LUBE: When we first started, we mulled around with a few names and ideas. We wanted to create a name and a product identity that accessible and relatable. To be honest, the “Naming Ceremony”, if you can call it that, was a rapid fire game saying the first thing that came to mind. It was actually a friend of Claire’s that said 'Lucy Lube' and immediately we both laughed and said "well, that’s that, then!"


M: Why is Lucy Lube so fab? How is it different from other lubes out there?

L: Lucy Lube is a product that is designed with the end user in mind. Our values are what kept us focused on making sure we developed a safe, Australian-made personal lubricant product that meets Australian regulations through the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The TGA safeguard and enhance the health of the Australian community through effective and timely regulation of therapeutic goods. With such a lack of regulatory process, brands can skip this critical process by listing themselves a novelty product undergoing no manufacturing scrutiny.

Equally important is the product quality: Lucy is made with only seven simple ingredients and is a long-lasting, not sticky water-based product that is naturally absorbed into your body. It's also pH friendly, so it doesn't interrupt the intimate environment. We use only the best ingredients and materials for the most sensitive part of your body.


M: What ultimately inspired you to create a personal lubricant product and what was the most inspiring part of the process?

LL: Alan had worked on a men’s grooming brand a few years ago when he realised that a lot of products are marketed towards men but women are in fact the end user. And yet, the way these products were promoted didn’t always take that into consideration. 

Claire’s experience was a more personal one; as a person who experiences vaginal dryness, it was challenging to find personal lubricant products that didn’t include parabens or glycerines. She also found that there was a lack of information readily available around lubricant and a lot of shame and stigma around usage of the product.


M: Who is Lucy made for?

LL: Lucy is designed for you; the new parent returning to intimacy who is fitting pleasure into a new and hectic lifestyle; the middle-aged; the young, footloose and fancy free; the happily partnered; or, the person going through menopause. Regardless of your sexual orientation, gender or stage of life, Lucy Lube is for you.


M: Why should we be using a personal lubricant?

LL: The benefits of using lube are far reaching, regardless of whether your body produces lubrication naturally or not; and, many external factors may impact this over time.

For example, you may experience vaginal dryness - caused by everything from taking hormonal birth control, to dehydration or smoking - or, you might just be keen for a quickie and not have enough time to get your body in the mood (to produce lubricant naturally) - and so using lube can help make sex more comfortable or pleasurable, whether used in partnered sex or solo. 

Lucy is water-based, so a good all-rounder that can be used with latex condoms, silicone toys, and even for inserting/removing silicone menstrual cups!


M: Lucy definitely doesn't look like your run-of-the-mill lubricant product and one you might not be so shy to display by your bed or on a dresser. Can you talk us through your design inspo?

LL: Design and aesthetic are very important to us. We chose gender neutral and playful colours for our branding to ensure it's openly inviting. We opted for glass bottles instead of plastic, too, for ease of recycling and also to elevate the product.

We wanted to design a product with a contemporary look - something a person would be happy to have on their night-stand - a small step towards normalising lubricant and not having it hidden away! We're aiming to break down the barriers to more fulfilling sexual experiences and change the status quo.

We spent almost two years working behind the scenes on Lucy and so to finally launch, connect with our community and share our product has been very inspiring.


M: Your product is proudly Aussie made – what were some of the non-negotiables when you were formulating or product testing?

LL: We had lots of non-negotiables! From a brand perspective, we wanted our brand and products to make a positive impact on our customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

From a product perspective, we were committed to obtaining TGA certification, which delayed our launch significantly, but we needed to ensure we were being true to our brand mission.

The pH point was a non-negotiable, too, as was the quality and user experience of our product. We looked at about 20 iterations of glass bottles before choosing a bottle with as few plastic components as possible to be kinder to the environment.

We also wanted to work with as many other small start-up businesses as we could and keep everything as local as possible to support the wider community.

Price point was another non-negotiable for us. We wanted to have a product of significant quality but at a price point that was accessible. Having access to quality made products with considered ingredients shouldn’t come at an exclusive cost.


M: Can you use Lucy with a silicone menstrual cup? What about condoms and sex toys?

LL: Sure can! Water-based formulas are, as the name implies, water-soluble. Which is great news if you want to use with menstrual cups, silicone sex toys and even condoms. Making us great to use with your Moxie period cup!


M: Any other top tips for use?

LL: Don’t be shy! Apply generously for a good time with yourself or others. Take this opportunity to share some sexual desires with your partner or slide into a cuties DM’s for some good times. Lucy is great for exploring and trying new things in a way that is comfortable and safe.


M: Without spilling too many secret beans, what are your future hopes and dreams for Lucy Lube, and the sexual wellness industry in general?

LL: Lucy has big plans, but who doesn’t? Our hopes are that we continue to contribute to the growing conversation around sexual wellness, supporting people’s journey to fulfilling sexual experiences. We are also taking the band on tour (read, expanding into overseas markets!). There might be a few other secret squirrel things in the pipeline too... can't wait to tell you!



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