June 02, 2020

If you've ever laid eyes/hands on a menstrual or period cup and thought "how the hell?!" or "where am I meant to put that?!" or "surely that won't fit!", this lil' guide is for you. Practice makes perfect (and also for more conscious/eco-friendly living).

But before we dive in (so to speak), make sure you've got CLEAN HANDS and if you're a total newbie to menstrual or period cups, plz have a read of our previous post 'Menstrual Cups - All your questions, answered!' as a starting point.

For the purposes of this guide and because of course we made them and reckon they're pretty ace, we'll refer to usage in relation to Moxie Menstrual Cups (also, shameless plugs). You'll also find more info on the leaflet provided with each Moxie Menstrual Cup, so please be sure to read this thoroughly before use, and keep it handy as a reference.



We've kept things really simple with our Cups range, and have opted to use the same size descriptors that most people are already familiar with: Regular and Super. Here's our recommended size guide...

Choose Regular if:

  • You generally use regular tampons or pads
  • You have a light - medium flow
  • You are under 30 years old
  • You have not given birth (vaginally) before
  • You have a strong pelvic floor

Choose Super if:

  • You generally use super tampons or pads
  • You have a heavy flow
  • You are over 30 years old
  • You have given birth (vaginally) before
  • You have a weaker pelvic floor

Both our cups hold approx. 2.5 tampons worth of fluid of their respective tampon variant at any one time, They are both the same length (70mm including the stem), but the super is just a little wider than the regular. If you have a particularly low cervix, our cups might not suit you.



  • Remove your Moxie Menstrual Cup and Purse-worthy Pod(TM) from its packaging (please recycle the cardboard parts!).
  • Sterilise your Moxie Cup by placing it in a pot of boiling water for 3 - 5 minutes.
  • Rinse your Purse-worthy Pod(TM) in warm water and mild unscented soap (you can boil the lid if you want to, as like our Cups, it's made with medical grade silicone, but do not boil the base as this is plastic).
  • Allow the pot water to cool before removing your Cup. You can also leave it to dry in its Pod as this has ventilation holes in its base.
  • Breathe and relax. Ok now SERIOUSLY. If you're holding your breath or you're tense, your pelvic floor muscles will likely be tensing too, which will make for inserting a cup difficulty level 100. So take a few deep breaths and chill, Moxette. You got this.




Wash your hands in warm, potable water (i.e. drinking water quality) with a mild soap.


Find a relaxed position (try sitting on the toilet or squatting in the shower). If you've used a tampon before, this is not dissimilar, so find a position that you know works for you, or try a few to figure out what's comfortable.


Ok, this is the really important part. The key is to 'fold' your cup to make it AS SMALL AS POSSIBLE TRUST US ON THIS before you insert it. Our Moxie Cups are made from medical-grade silicone that's super bendy and soft, making insertion that little bit easy(er). Here are our current tried-and-tested ways to 'fold' a Moxie Menstrual Cup for insertion, with handy diagrams:


  • Place your index finger in the centre of the Cup and using your thumb and middle finger, fold the Cup into a 'C' shape.
  • Slide your index finger out of the centre and hold the sides firmly together (you can also do this with two hands if that's easier).

Menstrual Cup C fold THE 'PUNCH-DOWN' FOLD

  • Hold your Cup in one hand, at its base. Use the index finger of your other hand to push the rim of the Cup inside the base.
  • Now, using your 'base' hand, push the sides together to create a narrow insertion point (if you're nimble, you might even be able to do to this with one hand!).

Menstrual Cup punch-down fold


This is a good one if you're new to Cups, as the tip/entry point becomes quite narrow (and therefore easier to insert!).

  • Using two hands, fold your Cup in half so that either side is touching at around the centre of the rim
  • Bring one corner down towards the base of the Cup, so that the body of the Cup forms a triangle shape.
  • To create a '7' fold - follow step 1, then instead of bringing the edge of the Cup all the way to the base, fold it to create the shape of a '7' instead. This fold also helps create a narrow entry point.


Ok, now that you've folded your Cup, it's time to insert. Gently hold your outer labia apart with the index and middle fingers of your free hand and slide your folded Cup into your vagina towards your tailbone at roughly a 45 degree angle - allow it to open inside you.


The Cup should be fully inside your vagina, with the stem of the Cup within approximately 1/2 inch of your vaginal opening (though this may vary from person to person as every body is different!). Please note that your Cup will sit slightly lower in your vagina than a tampon would. Once inserted, give the stem a very gentle tug to ensure that your Cup is properly in place and has formed a suction-like seal around the walls of your vagina.


If you feel that the Cup is not in place or not fully open, then it's likely that it hasn't formed a seal and you may need to adjust it a little - either rotate it slightly, or try some pelvic floor exercises to help set it in place.

Here are some more handy diagrams detailing the steps on 'how to insert':

Menstrual Cup how to insert




Wash your hands in warm, potable water (i.e. drinking water quality) with a mild soap.


Sitting in a comfortable position (over the toilet or in a shower is best, in case of spillage!), use one hand to gently part your outer labia (index and middle fingers work best) and with your other hand, insert your fingers (thumb and index, or thumb, index and middle - whatever works for you!) into the opening of the vagina and locate the stem of your Cup. Just above it, you'll feel some embossed ribbing or ridges at the base of your Cup - hold and gently pinch this grooved area to release the suction seal (do not pull on the stem! This can tear the Cup).


Gently (and slowly, to prevent spills!) wiggle your Cup down and out through the vaginal opening, keeping the Cup upright. If you're struggling to get it out, use your pelvic floor muscles to help push the Cup down.


Empty your Cup in the toilet and rinse it in cold water first (to stop any stains from setting in) and then with warm water and a mild, unscented soap. If you are unable to wash your Cup in between uses, simply empty and wipe it out with some clean toilet paper. Soap is also not mandatory if you don't have it handy. Just be sure that the little holes at the top of the Cup are clear, as these are what help create the suction seal when the Cup is inside you.


Wash your hands and repeat the insertion steps throughout your period as you need. 

Be sure to remove and empty/rinse your Cup at least every 8 hours (or sooner, but never longer!).

Keep your Cup in its Purse-worthy Pod(TM) in between periods, and be sure to re-sterilise it before your next cycle.


Be sure to read and keep the information leaflet for use and precautions enclosed with each Menstrual Period Cup, prior to use.  

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