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Our periods just got an eco glow-up! Good for your flow (Moxie cups can hold approx. 2.5 tampons worth = you may not have to change as often!) and better for the planet - if you look after your cup, it will last you years and years. TBH, inserting and removing it might take a little bit of getting used to (hot tip: it's all in the way you fold it) but once you've got the hang of it... absolute game-changer. Complete with a carry pod for easy and hygienic storage in between uses.

  • Reusable 
  • Wear for up to 8hrs at a time
  • Holds approx. 2.5 tampons worth of flow (30ml total, approx. 26ml to the holes)
  • Super soft, medical-grade silicone for a comfy fit
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • With a breathable carry pod for easy and hygienic storage
  • Cup is free from BPA, latex and plastic
  • Can last 5 - 10 years if properly cared for
  • Vegan Australia Certified

Our Regular Cup holds approximately 2.5 tampons worth of flow (30ml total, approx. 26ml to the holes) and might be best suited to you if:

  • You have a light - medium period flow
  • You're under 30
  • You have not given birth

This cup measures 70mm in length (including the toggle) and 40mm in diameter (see pic for Regular and Super cup size comparisons). 

This is a guide only. The reason birth that age and birth are considerations is because both may contribute to a weaker pelvic floor.

Please note that this cup might not be suited to you if you have a particularly low cervix.

Also available in Super size.


Menstrual Cups are worn inside the vagina to collect period flow. Simply sterilise prior to use (easy instructions in pack), insert, wear for up to 8hrs, remove, rinse and re-insert as you need! (And YES, you can swim with it in and do yoga and anything else you’d normally do. Just be sure to remove it prior to any penetrative activity).

Full instructions in pack. Please be sure to carefully read these prior to use.

In the meantime, check out our handy how to use a menstrual cup guide, including how to fold, insert and remove your cup.



  • Moxie Menstrual Cups are made from medical-grade silicone that's BPA, latex and plastic free.
  • Your carry pod is made with a medical-grade silicone lid and a plastic base.


  • We use a ZERO WASTE or scraps production process for our cups that involves a moulding technique; which is basically a technical and fancy shmancy way of saying that we only use the exact amount of silicone required to make your cup. Same goes for the carry pod, too!
  • Your cup is reusable and will last many many years if properly cared for. At the end of it's life, please dispose of it thoughtfully, or recycle it where the proper facilities exist.
  • Proudly Vegan Australia Certified.


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    Australia Australia

    So cute

    So cute and so practical. Reading the other reviews on this product, convinced me to get this. I almost bought a menstrual cup from somewhere else but I decided to take one more look. Then I found moxie. Affordable and cute for days. I love that it’s red so it won’t look too messy when you change it. I can’t believe I finally bought myself one of these babies and I couldn’t have picked a better site to buy it off. Don’t hesitate just buy from this store the products are amazing and the shipping is fast and the service is instantaneous.



    Thanks so much for such lovely feedback, Jessie! Thrilled you love your Moxie cup ☺️❤️

    Ashlea A.
    Australia Australia

    Why did I wait.

    I was a bit anxious about this. I really was. Now I have no idea why I waited so long. Felt a smidge awkward at first, but quickly became the new norm. Love the cup!

    Australia Australia

    Life changing

    First time using a menstrual cup and it was an experience. It was quite big to try and get in initially but got easier to use throughout my period (so I assume it's just a practise thing). Couldn't feel it when it was in and it was surreal not bleeding everywhere. Little bit of leakage (like spotting) some days but that seemed to be positioning so again practise. My period was a couple days shorter than usual and such an easy experience.

    Australia Australia


    First time using a menstural cup, the experience has been amazing, not only is it affordable and good for the environment, mine came with 2 sleep teabags and with it I got a info manual, which answered so many of my questions. 100% recommend it is amazing.

    Australia Australia

    moxie cup

    amazing quality and also happy that it’s red, makes it a bit less yucky when i change it

    Australia Australia

    Life changing

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Never going back to pads and ****** again. I can't stress enough how much this has changed my life. I'm back again to repurchase because I lost it already anyway, love this product so much I'm shouting at every person with a period to buy it.

    Australia Australia

    Excellent - JUST what I needed

    Works wonderfully! Highly recommend especially if you don't want to constantly worry about buying sanitary pads every month during a pandemic!

    Stephanie R.
    Australia Australia

    Happily surprised

    I've used one other brand before and was sad to have to chuck it out after 2 years of reliability when it leaked one month. So when I went to buy a new one Moxie popped up on my facebook news feed. I went with the regular as even tho I'm just on the other side of 30 I haven't vaginally given birth. It was longer than my last one and had a different stem. But you know what it folded easily, I was able to put it in far enough to not feel it and that strange little stem is the perfect shape to hold of and break the suction to get out with ease. No discomfort No leaks. I love my new Moxie menstrual cup.

    Cassandra T.
    Australia Australia

    First time user

    I was really happy with my Moxie! As a first time user of menstrual cups I was a little nervous, but it was comfortable, easy to use and a great quality product.

    Australia Australia

    Best decision I’ve ever made

    Inserting the cup takes some getting used to, however, I find this product making me look forward to getting my period! I love the fact that it’s replacing wasteful pads and tampons and saving me $$$

    Australia Australia


    New to this and so far so good!!

    Brittany A.
    Australia Australia

    Moxie Menstrual Cup Review

    First time using a moon cup and I loved it! Pretty easy to get in and out, can't even feel it once its in. No leakage at all - totally forget you even have your period while it's in!

    Emma S.
    Australia Australia

    Great quality cup

    This cup is really fantastic for those with a high cervix. The silicone is a lovely texture, not tacky feeling like some others I've tried. Firm enough to pop open yet soft enough to not put pressure on my bladder. Lasts me the full 12 hours (I have a medium flow) so I can "set and forget" from morning to evening. Love that it's red as well!

    Alice B.
    Australia Australia

    Takes getting used to...

    It took a bit of time to get used to how to use this product. Once I got the hang of it I am loving the low wastage option. It works well and felt comfortable going out and about with this.

    Emma J.
    Australia Australia

    Not suitable for lower cervix

    I found the moxie cup ok but it is a rather long design and i found it kept slipping down to where i could feel the stem and it wasn't very comfortable. I have friends who love it but it's not great if you have a lower cervix



    Hi Emma, sorry to hear you had some troubles with your cup! Yes our cups may not suit those with a particularly low cervix. We hope to release a shorter cup soon, please stay tuned!