Reasons why your menstrual cup is leaking (and how to fix it!).

March 15, 2020

Leakage ain't fun for anyone, but it's actually super common, particularly if you're new to using menstrual period Cups. We've penned the reasons why you're Cup might be leaking... and what to do about it! 



First things first ('cos it's an easy peasy fix!): do you have the right cup size? With the aim of keeping things super simple, there are currently two Menstrual Cup sizes in the Moxie fam: Regular and Super. 

We recommend a Regular Cup (the red one!) if:

  • you have a medium flow
  • have previously used a mini or regular tampon/regular pad
  • are under 30
  • you have not given birth

Our Super Cup (the blue one!) might be best for you if:

  • you have a heavy flow
  • have previously used a super tampon or pad
  • are over 30
  • you have given birth

Note that this is a guide only - you don't have to tick all of these boxes, but most people will easily identify with one of the above sizing reco's.



A li'l reminder: your Cup needs to sit UNDERNEATH your cervix so it can catch menstrual flow - not next to it and definitely not in it! It might be that your Cup is sitting too high up inside your vagina, hence completely by-passing the flow it's intended to catch. TOP TIP: it helps to squat when inserting your Cup, so that it doesn’t go straight up but rather, on a slight angle, which might be better suited to your body.



As well as having it in the right position, you need to make sure that your Cup has created an air-tight seal when inside your vagina. Although your Cup might feel like it’s fully open when you insert it, it may not have properly formed the suction it needs to in order to stay in place, hence the leaks - it might help to rotate it a little until it feels like it's in the right position.

TOP TIP: if you tug on the toggle slightly (and very gently) and you feel resistance, then the suction seal has likely properly formed. But remember: don't pull on the toggle to try and get the Cup out. The only way to release the suction is to pinch the base of the Cup (feel for the ridges at the bottom, just above the toggle) - if you're having trouble getting it out, breathe, relax and push downwards on your pelvic floors.



Especially those teeny tiny pin-sized holes near the top rim of the Cup, as these are what help to create and release suction.



Your cervix will likely change position inside your vagina at different times of your cycle – during the bleeding phase, your cervix will likely sit lower than usual. OR, you may even have a tilted uterus/cervix, which means that insertion and finding the right position is a little trickier than usual. One or both of these things may cause the Cup to not fit properly (Moxie Cups are a fairly standard/common size, but they may not be suited to someone with a particularly low cervix).

It can be difficult to tell if you have a low or high cervix by your own judgement because you don’t have anything to compare it to.

TOP TIP: asking a Doc when you next go for a check-up is probably the best way to ascertain your cervix position. This may help you to choose the right size Cup and usage method in future.

And another TOP TIP... if you have a regular to high cervix, but a tilted uterus/cervix, it may be that you also need to tilt your Cup slightly as you insert it, or rotate it slightly once it’s in, so that it properly forms that suction seal.



If you have a heavier flow, or it's day 1 of period week, it might simply be that you need to remove and empty your Cup more frequently. You can leave it in for a max of 8 hours at any one time and each Cup holds a fair amount of flow, but there's no harm in changing it more frequently if you feel you need to.



We should all be doing pelvic floors, TBH... if you have weak pelvic floor muscles, it might be tricky to keep your Cup in place. Regularly doing your kegel/pelvic floor exercises is good for vaginal health in general and will also help keep your Cup in place.


If and when inserted correctly, you shouldn’t feel you’re wearing your Cup. If you’re feeling discomfort, you either have the wrong size Cup, or it’s not in properly (that said, there MAY be other underlying conditions, like endometriosis, which can cause discomfort – if you have any concerns beyond the above or are experiencing extreme discomfort, it’s worth seeing a Doc).

As you’re getting used to using your Cup, we recommend wearing a panty-liner as back-up (if not already), just in case... Practice makes perfect, Moxette - once you've got the hang of it you'll be able to go about your business with your Cup in place like its no-one's business!


Shop the Moxie Menstrual Cup fam, or learn more about how to use and insert a Cup.




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