March 29, 2020

By Mia Klitsas, Moxie Founder.


When the world gets weird and you’re forced to stay home for an extended period of time, things can get a li’l dull. Here’s a (very long) to-do list to help keep you occupied…

  1. Get-up and get dressed like it’s any other day!
  2. If you’re working from home, set-up a designated work area and use it only for work. Step away at lunch-time, for regular breaks and when it’s ‘home time’ leave the space.
  3. Do a workout! You can find a heap of vids on YouTube and there are lots of trainers offering LIVE classes online at the moment, from full-on sweat sessions to Yoga, to stretching and anything in between.
  4. Explore the Secret Door. We’re obsessed with this. Click on the door and be transported someone else in the world! 
  5. Watch Gossip Girl. From the beginning. Again.
  6. Clean your make-up brushes.
  7. Join the ‘Girl’s Got Moxie’ community group on Facebook. It’s a closed, judgement-free, anything goes, safe space. Join the convo.
  8. Have sex. Given all the virus-vibes at the mo, we recommend it be with a current partner (assuming they are healthy) or just go it solo. Whatever you do, keep it safe, consensual and legal (check out the Sexxx element on The Moxie Periodic Table for expert tips from resident sexologist Chantelle Otten).
  9. Read a book! Or eleven. If you’re out of hard copies, download something online you’ve been meaning to read but just haven’t found the time to.
  10. Prepare for LOLz… someone has photo-shopped one tiny hand onto a heap of celebs and prominent figures. Who knew one tiny hand could provide so much entertainment…?
  11. Catch a BTS glimpse of the ‘Girl’s Got Moxie’ podcast and meet our guests on ‘OVER-FLOW’ via OfficialMoxieTV's YouTube channel
  12. Get all them feelings down, whether they’re happy or sad. It can be incredibly cathartic/therapeutic.
  13. Visit the Louvre museum. Online. For free. 
  14. Do a sheet mask.
  15. Learn a language via Duolingo, or Babbel, who are currently offering 6mths free!
  16. Explore The Moxie Periodic Table, your uncensored period guide for tips, tricks, how to’s and how not to’s.
  17. Plan a trip - where do you want to go next? Where will you stay? Where and what will you eat?
  18. Phone-a-friend – whether it’s to check in on them, or if you’re struggling and need to talk to someone, REACH OUT.
  19. Have a date night – with a housemate or partner. At home, of course, but dress up, wash your hair, put a face on (or whatever makes you feel good) as if it were a regular night out.
  20. Take a virtual tour of The Vatican 
  21. Write online reviews for your fave small businesses. It’ll help them get back on their feet when things go back to ‘normal’ again.
  22. Make a Pinterest board of new recipes you want to try out.
  23. Try making said recipes (above).
  24. Stream, watch, dance and sing along to a live concert (from Beyoncé on Tidal, to Diplo on YouTube or Twitch).
  25. Watch the sunset.
  26. If you’ve got house-mates, play charades. If you don’t, play with friends or fam over Zoom.
  27. Write a letter to your future self.
  28. Start a blog – it can be related to your work, a side hustle, hobby, or just provide a way for you to keep fam and friends up-to-date with what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.
  29. Visit an aquarium – virtually.
  30. Send a Moxie self-care kit to a fellow gal-pal in iso and brighten her day 
  31. Re-organise your wardrobe by Keep/Sell/Donate. Consider donating to initiatives like Fitted for Work, which supports disadvantaged women seek job opportunities.
  32. Plan ahead – make a list of your goals for the year ahead, the next 5 years, the next 10 years.
  33. STAY HYDRATED! Sip (water) at least every 15 minutes.
  34. Panda cam (live!) Need we say more? 
  35. Sleep in, stay in your PJs. Don’t feel bad if you’re not super productive every.single.day.
  36. Take an online course. Whether it’s paid or free, there are a tonne of new skills you can learn from the comfort of your couch/bed/balcony. Google is your friend (you can study at YALE from your couch!).
  37. Experiment with your make-up look – search tutorials on YouTube and learn some new cut-crease or contouring skills!
  38. Make your own deodorant with this easy how to.
  39. Write some snail mail!
  40. Keep a happiness journal. I know we talked about journaling already but keep a separate book where you write down the things that you’re grateful for, or the things that make you happy.
  41. Try out these easy recipes by our The Moxie Periodic Table resident Nutritionist, Katherine Hay (they’re also period friendly!).
  42. Meditate! Mental health and wellbeing is as important now as it’s ever been so if you’re never tried meditation, now is the time. There are heaps of guided meditation apps online. Find one that feels right and go for it. Aim for 20 minutes a day. We’re loving One Giant Mind (app), Headspace and Insight timer.
  43. Period pain? Check out Naturopath and founder of Edible Beauty Australia Anna Mitsios’ tips for how to curb them, the natural way, HERE.
  44. Clean-out your pantry – turf anything that’s expired, bring anything that’s about to to the front so you’ll remember to use it.
  45. Write a bucket list of 101 things you want to go in this lifetime (it’ll take you ages – it’s hard. Writing even half that of anything is hard. Just ask us…).
  46. D A N C E. Literally having dance breaks every hour on the hour over here…
  47. If you have a housemate, challenge each other to ‘ready, steady, cook’ – pick three random ingredients from the pantry/fridge for the other person and make something delicious with what you’ve been given! (you can add other ingredients. Otherwise you might find yourself eating cinnamon sticks with lemon and chocolate sprinkles).
  48. Clean out and re-organise your underwear drawer.
  49. Get vagucated – do you know what’s ‘normal’ when it comes to your vagina? We asked a gyno ALL THE QUESTIONS – listen on the ‘Girl’s Got Moxie’ podcast.
  50. Take a nap.
  51. Browse a heap of online exhibitions and art collections from the Guggenheim in NYC
  52. Make a Spotify playlist and invite your friends to join and contribute (then host a virtual dance party via the Houseparty app!).
  53. Learn about stocks and shares, of improve your financial literacy with the She’s on the Money podcast
  54. Get some sun. If you have a balcony or a yard and it’s safe for you to go outside, 10 mins or so of Vitamin D can do a world of good – for viruses, but also just for general health and happiness (remember to slip slop slap. SPF 50+ is best).
  55. This Britney-inspired 10-min dance class on YouTube – we’re obsessed. 
  56. Facetime or Zoom with your fam, on the regular!
  57. Colour code your wardrobe.
  58. Learn how to use a menstrual cup, HERE
  59. Duet with celebs (and other strangers!) via the Smule app.
  60. Feng-shui your house. Move your bed to the other side of the room, move the couch, switch the cushions up – it will help make your space feel new and fresh.
  61. Write a short story. Write a novel. Write some poetry. Pretend you’re an author (who knows, you might find your new side hustle?!).
  62. Call a nursing home and speak to a resident who doesn’t have any family. (We don’t really know if this is possible TBH but we reckon it’s a good idea and worth a try).
  63. Clean out your make-up drawer/box/cupboard – y’all know you’ve been dreading doing this. IT’S TIME.
  64. Watch the live-cams from Zoos Victoria
  65. Work on your flexibility. Always wanted to do the splits? Practice makes perfect, Moxette.
  66. Upcyle your Moxie tins with this DIY candle tutorial.
  67. Shop online. Shop local if you can (buy gift vouchers for future use if your fave stores or providers aren’t currently trading).
  68. Give yourself an at-home mani/pedi.
  69. Plant some seeds! In pots, in the garden, whatever (hint: you can even use your old Moxie tins as mini herb planters).
  70. Wash your woollen blankets before Winter. On a delicate cycle with a mild soap/especially for woollens and delicates and air out to dry (not in direct sunlight).
  71. Scrapbook – grab old mags lying around the house and tear our all the things that inspire you – stick them in a journal or note-book or make them into a vision board type collage.
  72. Take a long, hot bath. If you don’t have a bath, take a long, hot, shower.
  73. If you have a pet, teach them a new trick!
  74. In today’s ep of the ‘Girl’s Got Moxie’ podcast… From personal pain-point to a healthier, happy hoo-ha - with Emma Rutherford-Ward, founder of Vee Underwear.
  75. Polish-up your LinkedIn profile and connect with people you’re keen to meet/learn from/be employed by!
  76. Have a good LOL! Check out the ‘That’s a LOL’ element on The Moxie Periodic Table and prepare to laugh.your.head.off.
  77. Watch TED talks from Brené Brown.
  78. Look through old photos (all 13,687 on your phone).
  79. Make a fort, for old times sake (come on THIS IS A GOOD IDEA).
  80. Make these double-decker biscuits (super easy!). 
  81. Experiment with your hair – try new up-dos, down-do, whatever dos…
  82. Watch dance routines to your favourite songs on YouTube (you will soon find yourself in a HOLE you’re welcome).
  83. Learn how to make home-made pasta.
  84. Go through your medicine cabinet and make sure there’s nothing in there that’s expired!
  85. Extend your (urban) vocab with Urban Dictionary and learn what all the cool kids are saying (new words include ‘Covidiot’. Makes sense). 
  86. Up your smoothie game – experiment with different recipes.
  87. Learn sign language via Auslan.
  88. Learn more about the link between libido, hormones and orgasms with Naturopath and sexual health/fertility specialist Dr. Mandi Azoulay on this episode of the ‘Girl’s Got Moxie’ podcast.
  89. Practice your pelvic floor technique (some top tips in Mandi’s ep, above!)
  90. Get your ears stuck into these Spotify playlists by The Moxie Periodic Table resident DJ Kira Puru. 
  91. Clean your email inbox and back-up all your data on your hard-drive (back up your iPhone photos while you’re at it).
  92. Watch and be inspired by these badass women with these Ted Talks
  93. Find a career mentor or life coach to help you achieve your goals – start your search on LinkedIn.
  94. Mentor someone else – reach out to a local uni and ask if they have a student mentor program you can assist with based on your skill set or expertise.
  95. Learn how to code online (there are a heap of free and paid courses online. Do a search and find one that resonates).
  96. Review all your subscriptions (paid and unpaid) and unsubscribe from anything you’re not using anymore.
  97. Draw, doodle, sketch - get your feelings on paper graphically. See what comes out!
  98. Unfollow all the social accounts that no longer fuel or inspire you, or that don’t make you feel good about yourself
  99. Make an ice-cream sundae.
  100. Have a movie marathon – pick three faves and bunker down with the sundae you made earlier.
  101. Star-gaze.


These are obvs just some suggestions, not a one-size-fits-all, everyone-must-suddenly-be-super-productive checklist. Don’t feel bad if you’re not doing the things that others seem to be (home workouts, baking elaborate cakes, etc!). Make smart choices and do what’s right for YOU and the people around you. It’s a tricky time for us all. If you just need a day (or five) to veg out and do nothing and be at-one with the couch, that’s totally fine! If having a routine and ticking things off your to-do list on the regular is more your vibe, that’s cool too.

Whatever you do, have fun, be safe.   - Mia x


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