Processed snacks are a 🙅 from us, dawg. If you're vibin' sweets to lift that mood, make these super easy bliss balls instead.

Nutritionist Katherine Hay promises your sugar cravings will be curbed from the natural sweetness in dates that contain essential proteins, fats and fibre. They help maintain a healthy blood glucose balance without having the huge sugar highs and lows. Cute!

During menstruation, we lose heaps of iron which is why we can feel so cbf. This hearty chickpea pumpkin curry recipe by nutritionist Katherine Hay is loaded with plant-based iron that will replenish and nourish you from the inside out.

Can we get a heck yeah to this easy as brekky bowl full of anti-inflammatory ingredients to keep that skin glowin'?!

Special shout out to chia seeds, they just out here high in omega 3 essential fatty acids and antioxidants to help fight free radical damage and support anti-inflammatory responses in the body. They're also high in fibre, which helps remove toxins out of the digestive system.

Nutritionist Katherine Hay’s super easy homemade hummus is extremely high in fibre, which’ll help increase your bowel movements if they’re a bit stiff.

We love fibre. As well as regulating the bowel, it’s been shown to increase healthy bacteria and reduce cholesterol, help regulate blood sugar levels and support the immune system.