THIS IS MOXIE: Phoebe Simmonds - Founder, The Blow Australia.

February 23, 2021

Phoebe Simmonds, The Blow Australia - women's lifestyle blog | Moxie

We've all got 'Moxie' in our own special way, and this mega Moxette has it in BUCKETLOADS! Phoebe Simmonds is a great pal, all-round incredible human and is the Founder of The BLOW and Co-founder of The Memo.


After getting her start at Mecca and then in London with LVMH under the tutelage of Parfums Christian Dior, Phoebe knows beauty retail. She was responsible for driving Benefit Cosmetics expansion across Sephora in Southeast Asia, before heading back to Sydney as the Marketing Director for Benefit Cosmetics Australia.  With a Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne and a career built on helping brands define their unique positioning and create impactful 360 degree marketing campaigns, Phoebe now uses her experience to grow the strong feminist message and point of view of her two brands. She is passionate about the power of community to lift women up to conquer their day with confidence. 


We sat down with Phoebe to talk all things femme & fierce...


MOXIE: We’re HUGE fans of The Blow here at MoxieHQ – can you share with our fellow Moxettes what your inspo was to launch it?

PHOEBE SIMMONDS: The idea came from my own experience and need. When I would travel to the US regularly for work (Benefit’s HQ is San Francisco), I noticed that many professional Americans see Blow Drys as a weekly or twice-weekly necessity. Just as how manicures and brow shaping services have evolved into an essential part of many women's routines, Blow Drys in the US are no longer seen as a luxury, but a tool women regularly rely on to feel polished and confident to conquer the world.

As someone with dry, difficult-to-manage hair, I came to feel the same way- I had a big job and wanted to feel my best - but in Australia there was nowhere that met my needs. I knew that I wasn’t alone and many Australian women would turn to a weekly Blow Dry if there was an experience on their doorstep that would meet their needs, which is fast and effortless styling in a convenient location. I thought I had the experience (if not the hair skills) to build a brand that would bring the convenience of centrally located Blow Dry Boutiques, that offers a consistent service and competitive pricing.

It was important to me that we also create a fun and approachable environment through hair stylists with a ton of high energy and warmth and interiors that turned heads and expressed everything The BLOW is all about: good vibes, good heart and good hustle, feminine and powerful, with an edge. We opened The BLOW’s flagship in boutique in Little Collins St Melbourne in September 2018, then our The Blow-On-The-Go concept in Sephora Sydney in July 2020.

The Blow Australia - Melbourne flagship

M: Thinking about the person you are today vs. the person you were when you first started The Blow a few years ago – what are you capable of now that you previously weren’t?

PS: I am so much more resilient, and I’m really grateful to have had this muscle flexed, even though it was caused by ALOT of stress and situations I never thought I’d have the strength or agility to deal with. I’ve learnt to back myself and my instincts, and that the best way to deal with ambiguity is through decisive action. All this has made me a more vulnerable and open person, in the best possible way.


M: What do you know you’ll regret not doing?

PS: I’ve been thinking about confidence a lot lately (or lack thereof). Self doubt and in some circumstances self hate can really stop us from seeing or grasping opportunities that we don’t feel qualified for, or from feeling and achieving things that actually matter. I refuse to hold myself back and live a safe existence. I’d much rather regret the yes’s than the no’s. Diving into the ‘unknown’ guarantees an experience and a challenge that could be great or could kind of suck, but at least I know I will have learned something about myself or the process along the way. 


M: What does having ‘Moxie’ mean to you?

PS: A ton of grit, true individuality, complete confidence, femininity and firrrrrre. 


M: Finish this sentence: the last time someone smiled at me was… 

PS: Everyone in Melbourne is smiling at the moment, we’re so happy to see each other free, and mask-less no less!


M: Words to live by? 

PS: From Maya Angelou, ‘nothing will work unless you do’. Back yourself, communicate your vision clearly and positively and people will feed off your energy and want to support you in any way they can.


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