THIS IS MOXIE: Ruby Staley. Dream dresser, rampant writer, PMS-haver.

September 05, 2021

Ruby Staley

Words by Genevieve Phelan.

Ruby Staley is one half of A-ZINE’s creative coterie and dwells in Melbs. She’s an avid lifestyle writer with an illuminating ‘gram who (somehow) keeps us all in the loop. We’re here for her fresh and approachable commentary on contemporary culture as a sexually-fluid 20-something. 


Ruby waxes lyrical about the things that move her and matter to her: fashion, sexuality, social media, identity and self-expression. She’s been published most recently on the mood-lifting, millennial-driven mastheads of Refinery29 Australia and Fashion Journal

Moxie finds solace in Ruby’s words. It’s probably down to our shared intolerance to taboos and opening up the conversation around the real sexual, health and personal issues that affect us in diverse ways. 

In this rendezvous with Rubes (during the most recent Melb lockdown), we touch on recent write-ups, contraception and faraway photoshoots. Those of you who - despite knowing when their period is due(ish) - get aggressive premenstrual cues every month will also resonate with Ruby’s regimented irrits. 


MOXIE: Hello darls! Tell us, what's your relationship with your period like right now?
RUBY: Right now (thanks to my IUD), I only experience pretty light periods, so it’s not an issue for me at all! It’s simply a nice reminder each cycle that I’m okay and still functioning fine down there. 


M: How has it changed since day dot (or should we say day spot)?
R: As a late bloomer, I remember being sooo excited to get my period. Unfortunately, this feeling didn’t last. Around one year into having my period, I started getting major back pain and heavy bleeding during *that* time of the month. My periods eventually became a source of frustration - leading me to take regular pain killers and, then, resort to birth control measures to lessen the impact. 


M: Does PMS get you good? If so, how do you deal with gruesome mood swings and check yourself?
R: PMS was (and still is) such a huge thing for me. Beginning a few days before my period is due until it finishes, it’s pretty intense. A lot of the time, I don’t even understand why I’m feeling so moody and irrational. Then I get my period and it all makes sense. Sometimes, it’s hard to check yourself when (like me) you feel irritable and down without explanation. When I can, I just try to be easy on myself, honest with those around me, and wait for the feeling to pass. Thankfully, it always does.


M: Where do you get inspo for daily, feel-good movement when you need to stretch some cramps out or cue endorphins?
R: I find comfort in having a consistent exercise routine, although this has pretty much gone out the window during lockdown. Instead of looking to others for inspiration, I usually rely on my own habitual movement (be it a nice walk, job, run or mesh at the gym) to put a little more pep in my step. It’s easier said than done and I often put off exercise when I’m in a crappy mood, but it’s so often the key to feeling better. So maybe, do as I say, not as I do.


M: How is A-ZINE is going?! We j'adore your recent shoot released during Melbourne's lockdown #5.
R: You’re too kind! Yes, our resident stylist Meela pulled that one together from over in NZ, we absolutely loved it, too! Other than that, we’re focusing on keeping up a consistent posting schedule and working towards cultivating A-ZINE as a space for new culture, fashion and beauty writers to test out their skills. If this sounds up your alley, email us at as we’re always looking for new creatives to join the gang.


Ruby Staley

M: What's better or worse about a period under stay-at-home orders?
R: Although there’s a myriad of reasons why the lockdown sucks, at least it’s good for period-havers during the time of the month. I mean, you get to be comfy, wear whatever you want, and even lock yourself in your room with chocolate, a heat bag and Netflix without having to cancel plans or explain yourself. There’s a silver lining for you!


M: Preferred Moxie prod and why you choose to use it?
R: Because my bleeding is so light now, I love the Moxie panty liners for the start and end of my period. They’re just sooo comfy and seamless to wear. I also looove the cute little silky bags they come in, très chic!


M: Period sex: Y/N?
R: Although I haven’t had much experience in this field, I would say yes. It’s totally up to the period-haver as to whether they’re comfortable with it or not. It’s also probably wise to have a discussion before getting straight into it, but I couldn’t see why not!


M: Something you're keen to indulge in as Melbs emerges from house arrest (again)?
R: Wine. At a bar. With friends. That is all, I’m easily pleased. 


M: Lastly (to get a little clichéd), what does Moxie mean to you?
R: To me, Moxie means to be fearlessly yourself without apologies.


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