The best foods to eat during your period (and those best to avoid).

September 10, 2019

We talk a lot about achieving ‘balance’ in life and the same goes for your body, too – particularly when it comes to our hormones! As our hormones fluctuate throughout our menstrual cycle, it’s critical that we nourish our bodies with all the good stuff to help keep our hormones happy (balanced), and our PMS in check.



Leafy greens

Many women will suffer from iron deficiency whilst they are menstruating and so it’s important to replenish your bodies reserves. Be sure to add spinach, kale and chard to your shopping list.

Citrus fruits

Lemons, limes and oranges contain vitamins C & D, a winning combo to help fight the effects of PMS!

Omega-3 rich food

Like salmon, avocados and pumpkin are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and can help soothe menstrual pain

Foods that are high in magnesium

Namely dark chocolate (huzzah!), broccoli, bananas, tuna, raspberries and leafy greens to name a few, are all foods that are high in magnesium, a miracle mineral that acts as a muscle relaxant, therefore helping reduce the symptoms of PMS and abdominal period pain.

Drink lots of water!

Stay hydrated to keep you brain functioning at peak levels, your muscles lubricated and your skin looking plump and baby-soft.



Too much sugar

Sugar can make you feel sluggish at the best of times, but it’s also known to contribute to mood swings and poor sleep. If you need a sweet treat during period week (I mean, really, who doesn’t?!) stick to dark chocolate, or just limit your intake of whatever you choose to treat yourself with.

Processed foods

Like biscuits, ready meals, boxed cereals, as they are generally high in sodium (salt) which can contribute to excess bloating and discomfort.

Fried foods

As much as your craving that fried chicken, do your best to avoid it during shark week! Trans fats can increase your estrogen levels, throwing them out of whack, which can cause period pain.

Beans, fizzy drinks and refined carbs (like white bread)

All of these things can cause excessive bloating, so we say they’re a no-go


Sorry Moxettes! Maybe don’t cut it out COMPLETELY, but just cut it down as much as you can. Coffee constricts your blood vessels, which can have an impact on the vessels that connect to your uterus = more ouchy period pain.





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