Period progress report.

September 20, 2021

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Small changes, big impact.

We’re working to be a better, more inclusive and honest period-care brand. Here’s what’s changed...


We’ve just launched our latest period care range, Moxie Organics: an environmentally friendly(er) line of period care products that are strong on your period but soft on the planet (nice, hey?!). The best part? We've spent the better part of two years developing a range that's conscious and carefully considered to the core, but without compromising on period peace-of-mind. It’s another step forward in our mission to be a progressive (not perfect) period care brand. So, what’s new?



Well, hello there!

Moxie Organics is our latest and greatest range of pads and tampons made with GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) biodegradable organic cotton from cover to core - a material that’s soft on the planet but still strong on your period.

Where conventional cotton is often grown using pesticides, chemical fertilisers and requires extensive irrigation, organic cotton is grown more naturally and sustainably; using methods like crop rotation, organic fertilisers, beneficial insects and human labor for weed control. That's good news for growers, farmers and your body.

Even better is organic cotton's biodegradability rate. For example, while a tampon made from synthetic fibres can take 500 - 800 years to decompose, Moxie Organics tampons take just 6 - 12 months (approximately) to biodegrade.  

This doesn't mean that conventional or non-organic period products are problematic on your period, as such (in that they should all absorb period flow); but if you're looking for a more eco, 'disposable' period-care option, organic cotton period products - particularly those with an organic cotton cover AND core, with no synthetic fibres - are a planet friendly(er) choice. But that choice is yours and yours only, Moxette. 



Moxie Organics tampons are made using nothing but 100% organic cotton from string, to cover, to core. Yep, you read that right: an organic cotton core AND cover - which not only makes these trusty tamps fully biodegradable, but it also helps to keep the fibres of the core in place (less fluffing and fibre shedding inside you). They're proudly Australian Certified Organic, too; so you can be rest assured that our entire manufacturing process meets their strict standards for organic products in Australia.

Moxie Organics pads and liners are specifically designed to be super thin, super soft but still super absorbent with, yep, you guessed it: a biodegradable organic cotton core and cover (also known as a 'topsheet'). So now you can bleed, without bleeding the planet dry.



Moxie Organics pads and tamps come in planet friendly(er) packaging, that’s still sanitary and effective, of course.

Moxie Organics pads and liners come with:

  • Compostable outer wrappers made from degradable non-GMO corn starch
  • Compostable leak-proof backing-sheets
  • Recyclable release papers
  • Recyclable outer boxes

Moxie Organics tampons come with: 

  • Recyclable paper wrappers (no plastic!)
  • Recyclable outer boxes

In some instances, there's currently no adequate alternative to plastic packaging - like the pouch used for our intimate wipes - which, due to the nature of the products inside, needs to be able to retain moisture. We're yet to find a material that doesn't disintegrate under these circumstances. But we're working on it!

Over on the e-store, we've ditched single-use plastic from online orders, too - your goods will now be packed in a cute recyclable box or a reusable and compostable mailer (pink, of course!).



Progress means understanding where things comes from - here's where we're making progress:

  • We work with trusted and credible suppliers who can validate that their workers and extended supply chain are treated fairly and ethically.
  • We use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified organic cotton.
  • Our organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers, that requires far less water to grow than conventional cotton.
  • Moxie Organics tampons are manufactured in a factory that's powered entirely by water - how incredible is that?!
  • We seek and apply (and comply!) with credible industry certifications that ensure our processes meet strict standards. Our entire Moxie Organics range (tampons, pads, liners and intimate wipes) as well as our reusable menstrual cups, are Vegan Australia Certified. Our tampon range carries the same certification, but they're Australian Certified Organic, too.
  • We don't test our products on animals.
  • Shopping on the Moxie e-store? Your delivery is carbon-neutral. 



Moxie reusable menstrual cups remain a staple in our period-care fam (they'll last you YEARS if properly cared for) - with more reusable options still to come. It's all part of the period progress process!



Words matter and we’re continually considering how we use ours. We know that all types of people and bodies menstruate; that’s why we’re continuing to be more conscious about how we talk to periods and the people who have them. That means using language such as ‘period care’ not ‘feminine care.’ It means making sure you know Moxie is a safe place for people with periods, not people with vaginas. And, it means making sure this language is visible across the entire Moxie brand - from our social channels and website, right through to our packaging. 

We know we won’t get it right all of the time, and the lesson is never over, but we promise to continually listen, learn and act in the best interest of everyone, and in the interest of being a progressive (not perfect) period care provider. 

If you want to learn more about Moxie, read this, Or If you’re bored, watch this.


More progress incoming!  x


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