How to unleash your Moxie in 2022.

January 17, 2022

Words by Genevieve Phelan.


Realistic and roadtested ways to be your most authentic self on this lap of the sun.

2021 was a big fat blur of madness. There was good with the bad, wins with the losses, and new relationships forged despite our blanket-swathed hibernation months. (Melbourne, that’s obviously for you). But now comes the time and precious ~opportunity~ to set some new intentions for a spectacular ‘22. While Moxie doesn’t typically subscribe to the unrealistic resolutions bullet-point list, we’re extremely into harnessing this time of introspection. What have you done this year? Who did you meet? What do you want to take with you into the next chapter? And what has to stay behind? 

We’re cutting loose from the baggage, the bad zhu-zhu, and the let-downs (or cancelled everything’s) of the year that was. In 2022, we’re implementing good vibes only, with mechanisms and ways of managing the inevitable sh*t that gets thrown our way. If there’s one thing we can carry over with us as a consolation prize from the last 12 months, it’s the most unwavering resilience and freshest lease-on-life yet. 

Here are just a few ways to bolster and celebrate your Moxie in 2022 (and well beyond). 

Think of a word. 

Contributing Fashion Journal writer Teneal Zuvela recently published a thoughtpiece called ‘I swapped New Year’s resolutions for a single word’, and we think she’s onto something great. If you’re the kind of person who feels bunkered down and ‘ick’ at the thought of lock-in NY resolutions, have a gander at this. Teneal’s philosophy is that “choosing a single New Year’s word over a set of carefully constructed resolutions [gives her] the space to explore intentions in a more sustainable way.”

Read widely, and for the joy of it. 

As Dr Seuss once famously said, “the more you read, the more you know”. And who doesn’t want to expand their mind a bit for the better? Whether it’s a beach flick or a meaty tome, taking some time out to read whatever you so desire can unleash new ideas, plans, aspirations and angles (to apply to both life and work). It doesn’t have to be the latest best-seller or the coolest book cover, either. Also, keeping a notes page on your phone for the year to document your reads (with a ranking of each out of 10) is a cool way to look back on each year in reads, and give a helpful shortlist to your mates needing inspo. Here are some current Moxie-approved bibles:

Collaborate and ‘cold-call’. 

Reach out to that person, role model, or potential paramour that you’ve been idolising for a while now. Tell them you think they’re cool, or admire their craft. It’ll likely a) make their day and b) connect you to someone new. Networking can be really intimidating and daunting at first, — both IRL and in the digital vortex — but making new connections, however seemingly small, can stand you in great stead for opportunities down the track. Whether it’s in work, social life, or love, saying g’day has become the most underrated way to get ahead. 2021 taught us how important connection is, so go ahead and ask that mutual friend out for a coffee, or that great editor out for a wine. We’re all just searching for togetherness. If you need a place to start, have a stalk ofClub Sup — a supper club in Melbourne where you can forge new friendships and drink lotsa wine. 

Move with intention. Move for you. 

Gone are the days of exercising for punishment. A new year so typically denotes overworked gym routines, rigorous dieting and post-holiday self-loathing. We’re not about that this time ‘round. And we want you to feel empowered to find a form of feel-good ‘daily movement’ as opposed to unrelenting and unrealistic fitness regimes. So, here’s just a tiny handpicking of some empowering faves on our radar:

  • Pilates sans pressure — Find a studio (likeGood Times Pilates in Fitzroy, Melbourne for local Moxettes, or their virtual classes) whose motto sums up exactly what we’re going for in ‘22 — the notion of finding motion that lets you be ‘free to feel good’. 
  • Moxie’s guide to a good period stretch ‘n sweat — ‘Werk it’ is an integral element in The Moxie Periodic Table. We’ve written alittle guide to all the most soothing and liberating bits of body-moving you can do while grappling with cramps and general period-induced sluggishness. Swimming or sex, you do you.
  • Your local soul cycle studio — A culmination of loud bangers, lurid strobe lights, choreography and cycling. Think of it as rhythm riding, led by the most motivating (and hilarious) instructors in the biz. This is for when you want to truly relish your you-time, and make fun synonymous with cardio again. For Aussie-based Moxettes, Shelter in Sydney orUnited Ride in Melbourne are two clear winners.

Give widely, and where you can. 

Maybe it’s donating some old threads from your bulging wardrobe, or giving some plant clippings away. Perhaps, you’re planning to share a skill, or lend some creative/financial/business expertise to a friend-of-a-friend who’s needing advice. Or, you could donate your monthly period products to someone else in need. The more we give, the more we receive. And sometimes, the best way to get out of a state of solipsism or weird, languishing malaise is to teach (or nurture) others, in lieu of constantly seeking to improve ourselves.

Money habits matter.

It’s something a lot of millennials and Gen X-ers in our midst are likely to resent or have a complicated relationship with money. And it’s so easy to think ‘oh, she’s so much better with her dollars than I am’, or ‘my boyfriend invests in shares because he’s a guy — that’s not for me’. But comparison is a thief of joy. Our own money insecurities and ineducation can be improved by increased knowledge, like most things in life. In your downtime, how about making it a little ritual to read X pages of a new finance-adjacent book, or start tuning into a candid money podcast. Our selects are no surprise at all:

  • You’re in Good Company — a podcast to plug in your ears, hosted by two 20-something girls in the name of breaking down taboos around money-talk. Maddie and Sophie demystify investing, chat to experts and set out to build your confidence in making good $ decisions.
  • Refinery29 Australia’s Money Diaries — relatable, real-time storytelling from people like you. It’s honest, anonymous confessions of spending, saving, investing and navigating the wild challenges of cash-money
  • She’s On The Money — obvi. You’ve probably considered picking up a copy of the book, but haven’t for whatever reason. Maybe it’s too confronting to sort out your finances, or you just can’t see yourself exceeding your expectations anytime soon. Victoria Devine is our angel sent from heaven.

Do that ‘thing’ you’ve put off.

Maybe it’s putting together an epic digital portfolio, hanging a pending print wall, or planting a veggie patch. Perhaps, you’ve pondered buying a paddleboard or getting a book club going. It sounds super duper cliché, but the best place to start is at the beginning. Once you’ve signed up, or bought the gear, or enrolled in a short-course, the next step is showing up, and then consistency flows from that. Get a friend or partner involved with you to have some accountability, or break your big task into little Sunday morning commitments to generate a routine. 

Break old habits that aren’t serving you.

People-pleasing, mega-late nights or late-cancellations of your favourite gym class — let’s put an end to that. Streamline your to-do lists and commitments to truly relish the bookings and plans and dates you put in that fresh slate of a diary. When looking ahead, it’s important to acknowledge and accept the times we’ve faltered and fumbled. Maybe there are some old routines you’re ready to let go of, like getting into the office an hour before everyone else to prove a moot point, even if you’re not getting paid to do so.


Cover photo by Inna Skosyreva on Unsplash.

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