July 31, 2018

Life seems to like throwing us curve-balls that create stress, worry and anxiety, but there are some super simple ways that can help you stay on your a-game…


1. Keep a journal

Putting pen to paper is incredibly cathartic and is a great way to help you release whatever is inside. Your journal is for your eyes only, so let the thoughts flow and write down whatever it is that comes to mind, whether it’s good, bad or otherwise. There’s a great lil’ book we love called ‘The happiness project – one sentence journal’ where you write down one thing that made you happy that day. By the end of the year you’ll have yourself a tiny book of goodness filled with all the awesome things you experienced, serving as a great reminder that amongst the stress and challenges, life can be pretty darn amazing.

2. Skip the coffee and opt for tea, instead

Coffee can make you jittery at the best of times and whilst it smells amazing and tastes delicious, it’s probably not the greatest option for you if you’re prone to anxiety. Tea can be just as yum and also has a heap of remedial-type health benefits. Check out our faves (and what they’re best for) here

3. Create a morning routine

Hands up if you’re a grumpy-bum in the morning? Is it your natural state or is it triggered by waking up late or having a restless sleep? Your morning ritual can really set the tone for the rest of your day. If you wake up late or startled, it almost creates instant stress and tension as you think about how behind you already are (and all the things you have to get done within the day). Try and wake up a little earlier; maybe spend some time meditating, journaling, or even writing a list of all the things you hope to achieve that day (and how great you’ll feel once you’ve done them). Eat a breakfast that fuels you (ditch anything sugary that will just create a mood slump later on) and maybe even consider listening to your favourite podcast instead of the news as you’re getting ready.

 4. Practice meditation or mindfulness

We say this one time and time again, but it’s hard not to because meditation really is just so effective! It doesn’t cost you a thing and isn’t harmful to your health, so why not give it a go? You could find a local community group who practice mindfulness in a larger group (and often in beautiful locations) or go it solo and download an app that provides guided meditation tutorials. There is no right or wrong here, but it’s all about resting the body and the mind – find what works for you.

 5. Make plans - and stick to them

For those with anxious tendencies, having a daily routine can be a really helpful way to ease your worries and reassure you that things are in order and in control. Relax your nervous system by planning ahead so that you know exactly what’s coming your way. There are a heap of planning tools and apps that help you get organised (we've listed a couple of our faves, in this piece here). 

 6. Talk about it

If things feel like they’re getting a bit much, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone for a chat – whether it’s your bestie, your mum, your favourite uncle or a trusted health professional, talking through your worries can often help release that burden and put things in perspective. Sometimes when you say things out aloud they aren’t nearly as bad as how they sounded in your head.

 7. Spend some quality time with your pet (or someone else’s)

Really, this one needs no explanation. You know all about dem (fluffy) feels.

 8. Remember to ‘self-care’

Take some ‘you’ time to do what you love, away from the regular stresses of life/work/family/kids. Do what you love, whether it’s getting your hair done, going for a long walk somewhere pretty, treating yourself to a facial, or just having a good ‘ol sleep in.