Introducing our NEW Moxie Organics pad fam! Progressive period care made with pesticide-free biodegradable organic cotton. Our thinnest, most absorbent and most eco pads and liners yet (triple threat!) - so you can bleed, without bleeding the planet dry. Hypoallergenic and individually wrapped in a compostable film, for a planet friendly(er) period - without compromising period peace-of-mind.

Unruly flow doesn’t stand a chance when these period pals come to the party. Mia gives us the 411 on all things pads and liners (and explains why our Moxie ones are so fab).

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Meet Moxie Organics pads and liners, made with super absorbent biodegradable organic cotton and conscious, complimentary planety friendly(er) materials (like compostable outer wraps) – so we can bleed without bleeding the planet dry.

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We looked at our environmentally-friendly-selves in the mirror and said: BE FRIENDLY(ER). This is now what that looks like for our planet friendly(er) period care.

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