Release that sexual tension with this power move workout from fitness guru Jacqui Kingswell. It's so simple you can even do it in your bedroom.

Jacqui recommends to hit each move with as much energy as you need to reset, release, and rejuvenate.

Full workout:
Squats x10, squat jumps x10, reverse lunges x10, knee repeaters x10, tap & reach x10.

Sick of being sad? Try this fun and energetic workout from fitness guru Jacqui Kingswell that’ll get that gorgeous body movin’ and those endorphins pumping.

For extra good vibes, chuck on your fave song while you're working out.

Full workout:
Boxing punches x10, fast feet x10, step tap x10, party circle x10, jump ankle tap x10.

Period pain getting you down? Put down the painkillers and try these gentle stretches from Jacqui Kingswell instead. Designed to release any tension and soreness in the body, Jacqui recommends to stay connected to your breath and focus on creating space and length in the body.

Stay in each stretch as long as is comfortable – ideally three deep breaths or 20 seconds per stretch.

Full stretches:
Child's pose, cat cow, spinal rotation, downward dog, energy booster.