Moxie Menstrual Cup Kit (Regular or Super)

Introducing our NEW Moxie Menstrual Cups, designed to be used over and over (and over!) complete with some handy extras...

Your Moxie 'Cup Kit' includes:

  • A Moxie reusable menstrual cup Select Regular or Super from the menu. As a general guide: Choose Regular if you're under 30, have a medium flow or have not given birth; Choose Super if you're over 30, have a heavy flow or have given birth
  • A pack of Moxie Silks panty liners Ideal for use as back up during, on the light days before or just after your period
  • A block of Moxie x Freckleberry milk chocolate*
  • An 8 pack of LA Fresh intimate wipes


Valued at over $64! FREE SHIPPING ON THIS KIT!


Check out our handy guide on how to use a Menstrual Cup, HERE. 


* Gluten free. May contain traces of peanuts, other nuts, milk soy and dairy products. Please note that in the warmer weather, we may substitute this item for Moxie rock candy instead, at our discretion, as it is less susceptible to hot temps!

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