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Moxie 'Something Extra' Box

Choose your preferred Moxie period products and we’ll add in some cute and handy Moxie extras (including a surprise somethin’ somethin’) to help make getting through your period a lil’ easier. Buy once or SUBSCRIBE and have your Box delivered monthly!

  • Any two packs of either Moxie Mini tampons, Regular tampons, Super tampons, Regular Organics tampons, Super Organics tampons, Slenders pads refills, Sleepovers pads, Slenders Liners and Scanty Panty Liners OR choose to donate* a pack of Moxie (simply select your choices from the drop down menus)
  • An insanely delish block of Moxie x Freckleberry milk chocolate
  • Two pairs of Moxie nano-gold under-eye masks 
  • An 8 pack of LA Fresh Feminine Wipes 

Valued at $40.95

*Right now we are donating to our gal pals at Essentials for Women in SA. The amazing team at E4W assist women at-risk women or those in need with health and hygiene products to help them manage their periods with comfort and dignity! They also facilitate free products to young Aussie girls in need via their in-school vending machine initiative - genius! You can learn more about E4W and their amazing work, HERE. Donated items will be shipped directly to E4W and not physically included in your Box.

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