Introducing our NEW Moxie 'Silks' range!

Consciously designed by people who get periods for people with periods, Moxie Silks ultra-thin liners are made with natural, plant-based fibres and a touch of real silk for reliable, luxe comfort; perfect for those just-in-case days before, as back-up during, or the light days just after your period.

  • Silky soft (made with a touch of real silk!)
  • Hypoallergenic (suitable for sensitive skin)
  • Biodegradable topsheet, core and even the backing paper and outer wrappers!*
  • Complete with a re-fillable purse-worthy pouch

If you were a fan of our Scanty Panty Liners or Slenders Liners, these babies can do the job of both; wafer thin and useful for ‘freshness’, but just absorbent enough for a lil’ something more 😉

* please note that the small white seal/tab ion the outer wrappers is not biodegradable.

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