Moxie 'Essentials' Kit

We’ve all got a preferred period go-to, Moxette. Choose your two fave Moxie products and we’ll add a sweet treat and pack of tea to help you through your darkest days! 


  • Any two packs of either Moxie Mini tampons, Regular tampons, Super tampons, Regular Organics tampons, Super Organics tampons, Slenders pads, Sleepovers pads, Slenders Liners and Scanty Panty Liners (simply select your choices from the drop down menus)
  • A bag of our delish Moxie Rock Candy
  • One box of QI Organic Detox Green Tea

    * Please note that Moxie Slenders pads are currently SOLD OUT! Please stay tuned, we promise they'll be back soon.

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