Self-care tip for sad babes:

There’s nothing better than a good crying sesh. Did you know there’s health benefits to crying, too? Crying, relieves stress, can reduce blood pressure and remove toxins from the body.

In Japan, you can even cry yourself silly at crying clubs called rui-katsu – which literally means ’tear-seeking’.

So pull up with that box of tissues and your fav soppy flick, you'll feel so much better after – promise.

Self-care tip for cbf babes:

Don’t feel bad for saying no to a social outing. If you’re not feeling up for it, there’s no need to exert and deplete your personal energy on something you may not even be present in. There’s no shame in saying no and staying in, chucking on a face mask and watching some trash tv. Have yourself a JOMO moment.

If you’re getting weird in the tummy for ditching your friend, make sure to offer an alternative to your meet up, that way they’ll know you appreciate them.

P.s. illustration by creative powerhouse Katie Ford.

Self-care tip for self-conscious babes:

Bad skin during menstruation is SO common and is nothing to hide. But if you want a hand with those pesky bumps, here are our tips.

Clean your pillowcases every few days. You wouldn’t believe how many germies, dead skin cells and dirt hide in these bad boys. Eek!

Never go to bed with makeup on. You’re just begging for blocked pores.

Try a Witch Hazel toner. Super affordable from the chemist, they have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which help calm irritated skin.

Stay AWAY from fast foods. 

Lastly, bad skin or not – you're still beautiful, ok?!

Self-care tip for hurting babes:

A nice warm bath is like a Moxie hottie, but all over your body. We recommend using Epsom salts and a touch of lavender essential oil.

Not only will the warm water help relieve your period cramps and ease muscular tension, but it’s said that lavender can help reduce stress, anxiety and even mild pain.

Hot water can also relieve period cramps and ease muscular tension.

If you're worried about bleeding in the bath – wear a menstrual cup or tampon.