A quick hit of sugar for a quick energy hit sounds like a great idea, until it’s not. Here's the 411 – when we OD on sweets, our bodies release too much insulin, removing more sugar than they need to from our bloodstream – causing a very loud sugar crash. Nutritionist Katherine Hay's advice? Avoid at all costs.

Nutritionist Katherine Hay says dairy can make your eczema, acne and rosacea worse ‘cos it contains whey protein and sometimes even added hormones. Eep – we’ll stick to the almond latte, thx.

Notable mention also to highly processed grains, such as corn products. These bad boys are pro-inflammatory and can induce a matching response in your body.

Nutritionist Katherine Hay says refined sugars cause huge amounts of inflammation which can exacerbate cramps. So put down those cheeky choc chip cookies and munch on our sugar free bliss balls instead.

The scoop from nutritionist Katherine Hay is that dairy can cause constipation AND diarrhea for some people who are sensitive to lactose. Some people also have sensitivities to dairy’s protein molecule, casein, which is hard for the gut to break down. Stay awaaaaay or get ready to fire away.