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Moxie Pamper Box

Sometimes a gal loves nothing more than a night in with the remote and the couch all to herself… couple that with some nano-gold under eye masks, a block of super delish chocolate and a knitted hot water bottle and suddenly you find yourself thinking that it’s all about the single life!

Time to spoil yo ‘self, Moxette! Our limited edition Moxie Pamper Box includes:

  • Moxie hot water bottle Help keep those cramps at bay!

  • A Moxie pink coconut body/bath scrub

  • A Moxie make-up remover cloth(just add water!)

  • A pack of either Moxie Regular tampons, Super tampons, or Slenders daytime pads(select your choice from the menu)

  • An insanely delish block of Moxie x Freckleberry milk chocolate (Gluten free. May contain traces of peanuts, other nuts, milk soy and dairy products)

  • Two pairs of Moxie nano-gold under-eye masks

  • A mini 2 piece travel pack(tampons or pads, depending on your selection)

  • A 20% discount card to Moxie Box Club