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Moxie 'Best Boyfriend Ever' Pamper Box

We know all too well how it works – sometimes she’s angelic and the best girlfriend ever and other times she’s downright demonic and you wonder whether you’ll survive her wrath. If she’s the former all of the time, or even most of it, WRAP HER UP and keep her forever and ever and shower her with love and affection and presents because she is a UNICORN and you are truly blessed. Either way, whoever your gal, we all like to be spoilt. PLUS, boyfriends who buy period products for their women are straight up dead-set legends.

We’ve put together a super cute little pamper Box to make her smile and keep you in the good books.

Our limited edition BBE Box includes:


  • A mini Moxie hot water bottle

  • A Moxie pink coconut body/bath scrub

  • A pair of Moxie knickers Choose her size from the dropdown menu above. Note that sizes run a on the smaller side, see below for more information.

  • A pack of Moxie Sleepovers overnight pads

  • A pack of Moxie Regular tampons with two purse-worthy tins

  • An insanely delish block of Moxie x Freckleberry milk chocolate

  • Two pairs of Moxie nano-gold under-eye masks You can pamper two-gether! Yay!

  • A Moxie scrunchlet (hair/wrist accessory)

  • A 20% discount card to Moxie Box Club