'Welcome to Periods!' Box (tampons and pads)

You may have heard the horror stories about periods… but don’t sweat, Moxette - we’re here to help you through.

 Our carefully curated Welcome to periods! Box includes all the Moxie must-haves you need to manage that time of the month like a BOSS!

 Your Box includes:

  • Moxie Mini tampons in a reusable tin The smallest tampon in our range, pint sized and suitable for light flow. Complete in a super cute tin that’s perfect for your school or sports-bag).
  • Moxie Slenders pads refill Super thin yet super absorbent and with wings to keep them in place. Perfect for daytime use. Purse-worthy tin not included.
  • Moxie Slenders Liners A Moxie fave for those ‘just in case’ days before, or those super light days just after your period.
  • Moxie hot water bottle Help keep those cramps at bay.
  • Moxie x Freckleberry milk chocolate A little treat for those days when you’re feeling a bit ‘blah’. (Gluten free. May contain traces of peanuts, other nuts, milk soy and dairy products)
  • Moxie knickers OR a pair of Fluffy home-socks*
  • 2 x LA Fresh feminine wipes Just in case you get caught out and need a freshen up – happens to the best of us!
  • A ‘Moxie & Me’ booklet Your mini go-to guide for periods.

Please note that our current batch of Moxie knickers have run unusually small to size. As such, we recommend:

  • Small = women’s 6 – 8 / girls 10 – 12 (SOLD OUT)Select Fluffy Sock option instead 
  • Medium = women’s 8 – 10 / girls 12 – 14 (SOLD OUT) Select Fluffy Sock option instead
  • Large = women’s 10 – 12 / girls 14 – 16

We’re working to ensure that our next batch is more true to size and more inclusive of a broader size range – please stay tuned!

*Fluffy home-socks are one-size-fits-all

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