Women with Moxie to follow on Insta.

April 03, 2019

Women's liberation movement in Washington, DC, August 26, 1970. Don Carl Steffen/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

 Women's liberation movement in Washington, DC, August 26, 1970. Don Carl Steffen/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Whether she be a leader in her field, an advocate for women’s rights or just a general all-round girl-you-wanna-be-BFFs-with, every woman’s got Moxie in her own special way.

Here are just some of our (and your! We asked you on Insta 😉) fave fierce feminists to follow on the Gram (in no particular order. Follow them all, stat!).

 Natasha Negovanlis @natvanlis

A woman of many talents (actress, writer, singer, to name a few) she’s also uses her popularity as a platform to champion for queer representation in film and media. YASSSS KWEEN.


 Jameela Jamil @jameelajamilofficial

This woman ain’t got no time for any of society’s shaming sh*t! She tells it like it is and is the absolute champion of promoting ‘normality’ and a healthy body image for women the world over. And, she manages to do it with absolute hilarity. WE LIVE FOR HER GRAM.


Michelle Obama @michelleobama

I mean REALLY, this phenom-woman needs no intro – but we’ll give her one anyway. Put it this way: the world is a better place with Michelle Obama in it. She’s an advocate for women’s rights and education, a humanitarian, a lawyer by trade… Her memoir, ‘Becoming’, is set to become the most successful IN HISTORY.


Kellie Renee @thatendogoddess

This one is close to our hearts: Kellie is a warrior and an advocate for women with endometriosis, a painful, chronic illness and is so open with her journey. A sufferer herself, she so openly shares her journey and is a solid reminder that you are “capable of achieving more than you believe” (her words! Just a few of many wise ones in her feed… Follow herrrrr!).


Atlanta Bean @atlantabean


We love her Insta feed, we love her podcast, ‘’I’m over it”… we just love everything about this mega beauty (with brains!!). She’s so generously open about her struggles with mental health/wellbeing and body image and tells her story through photos and posts in such a way that absolutely connects and resonates. A super-relatable role model of our gen, if ever there was one.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ocasio2018

This woman is PAVING THE WAY – she’s the youngest woman EVER to be elected to congress in the US. Just prior, she was waiting tables to support her family. This incredible force is a stunning example of dream à believe à achieve (and she’s not even 30!!).


Isabella Manfredi @isabellamanfredi

Not only is she the crazy-talented front-woman of our fave Aussie outfit ‘The Preatures’, but she’s also so bravely shared her experience with sexual harassment within the music industry via her Insta account, helping raise awareness of the #metoo movement in Australia and in turn encouraging her followers to call out sh*tty behaviour they’ve experienced, too. This woman is FIYAH.