The best binge-worthy period dramas.

January 18, 2021

We never met a period drama we couldn't handle 😏 until that infamous scene-with-the-spoon (IYKYK and if you don't, you should definitely find out) in Netflix's 'Bridgerton', that got us all hot-n-bothered and pining for MORE drama of the period era...
And so, we've compiled a list of our favourite binge-worthy period dramas, in no particular order - because honestly HOW can one possibly choose between 'Bridgerton', 'The Crown', 'Outlander' and all the others?! 😭



As a friend so perfectly put it: "Bridgerton is like ye olde feminist Gossip Girl". Produced by (our bestie 😍) Shonda Rhimes and so you know it's going to be good before it's even started. We're literally obsessed with Rhimes and her strong female leads and cast diversity and everything else she touches; like, 'Scandal', 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'How to get away with murder'. (FUN FACT: She also wrote Britney Spears' film 'Crossroads' - fangirling even harder after discovering this).

Back to steamy 'Bridgerton'... based on a series of novels by Julia Quinn, the storyline follows the love-lives of Regency-era London's high society youth. It's steamy, funny, visually stunning, witty and about 50% sex-scenes (70% in some eps) and we are HERE.FOR.ALL.OF.IT. Great soundtrack, too (listen out for orchestral arrangements of Billie Eilish and Arianna).

 image via Netflix.


So posh! So British! So dreamy! So dramatic! We loved every second of this classic series. It follows the trials and tribulations of the Crawley family, their very aristocratic lives and those of the people who serve them. An amazing cast with super strong female characters, all with a ton of Moxie in their own unique ways. Maggie Smith is an absolute standout. Definitely one to binge!




Whilst not a classic period drama in terms of the era it's set in, this one gets a mention a,) because it will always be ICONIC and b.) because of that episode in series 1 where Carrie hands another woman a tampon in a restaurant bathroom.

Way back in the late 90s, this had NEVER been seen before - not on TV, anyway. We've come a long way as a society in terms of overcoming period shame, but even today, it's still a thing in many communities - imagine what it was like 20 years ago?!

This scene (season 1, episode 5) and actually the whole series; ignited a lot of very important conversations around our intimate health, female pleasure and sexuality which were previously not being openly had. Yes the show is problematic in some ways, particularly by today's standards, but it was revolutionary and disruptive for it's time - credit where credit is due!




A classic, and arguably one of the most iconic of them all, based on the novel of the same name by Jane Austen. It's when we fell in love with Colin Firth. It's also a film, but it's the six-ep mid-90s British mini-series that really does it for us. An easy binge. Go on!



Are we alone in saying that it took us a while to really warm to this one? It's just a little - slow. TBH, we were really just gunning for the series to catch-up with real-life events - particularly the parts about Diana, because she is our Princess and Moxie-muse forever.

Whether 'The Crown' is factually accurate about absolutely EVERYTHING it portrays (i.e. how the members of the Royal family themselves are depicted vs. how they are in real life), it does provide really interesting insight into the inner workings (and dramas!) of the British Monarchy and reminds you just how much of a fiercely epic woman (with loads of Moxie) Queen Elizabeth is; to have taken on such a gigantic responsibility at such a young age. Also absolutely living for everything in Princess Margaret's wardrobe.



Scan-da-lous! In every sense of the word. In a nutshell, the Princess of Spain is shipped off to England to meet her future husband (by proxy), Arthur, who dies suddenly... as it turns out, the love letters she was receiving were actually written by his brother... ok we need to stop here because too many spoilers! 



Particularly episode 7 of season 2, where Jess takes a sick-day because she's experiencing all kinds of period woes. We love this whole series, but particularly this ep for the obvious reasons: it helps normalise menstrual-related experiences by bringing things like PMS into everyday casual convo (as it should be!); it advocates for time out when you're on your period and not feeling 100%; the ep is called 'Menzies' (a play on 'Menses'? Can anyone back this up?) and also just because it's Jess. 


YES, this show has a femme-and-fierce lead, which puts this series high on the faves list, but also, we have two words for you: Jamie Fraser. The chemistry between the two leads is absolute fiyah and transcends space and time - quite literally - the lovers travel back and forth in time and always manage to find each other. 

It can be super violent and confronting at times, but the storyline is really powerful... and there's no shortage of eye-candy. Just don't watch it with your parents *awks*.


And one last lil' (big blockbuster) honourable mention - because it's not a series and so technically not binge-worthy; but still worthy, nonetheless...


This one is fun! With Millie Bobby Brown as the sleuthing and crime-fighting Enola Holmes (little sister of Sherlock!) and Helena Bonham Carter as her Mum, this one is really strong on the femme-and-fierce vibes and a nice, easy watch. A good family film to help encourage the next gen of Moxettes to embrace, use and be proud of their inner MOXIE! 💪


Happy binge-watching, Moxettes.