January 06, 2021

Words by Mia Klitsas.


2020 was a real MOFO of a year and we all felt it, albeit it in different ways... Earlier on in the pandemic, I saw a lot of motivational content encouraging people to 'make the most of this time in iso!' (admittedly I was responsible for some of this myself, HERE) but a few months in, all I wanted to do was NOT see another motivational post, or be encouraged to read 11 books a week, or listen to all the podcasts, or start a new side hustle. 

The world felt weird and nothing was 'normal' (what even is that anyway?) so I just went with the flow, day by day. Some days I felt super motivated and productive, and on other days, I just watched re-runs of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' (highly reco if you're a 90s baby at heart, like me) and ate pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The year of *it which shall not be named* has finally ticked over, and more than any other year before, it really feels like a line has been drawn; separating an ENDING and a NEW BEGINNING. And so, after feeling depleted and somewhat defeated by 2020, a new year has finally arrived and along with it, so has a refreshed sense of self and new-found motivation to move onwards and upwards.

Here are some of my intentions for the year ahead, with a strong focus on self-care and re-discovering my mojo...


Self-care 101 right here. This goes for relationships, people, habits, beliefs... if it's holding you back, or no longer serving you, it's time to let it go. Think about how you'll feel once the toxicity has left your life. Write it down, say it out aloud and then manifest it. Feels good, right?!


PRACTICE STILLNESS (both body and mind)

Everyone talks about this, but it's REALLY hard to do if you actually do not know how to sit still, or not be at/think about work, like me.

Over the Summer, I've found my stillness - sometimes, that means sitting out on the deck with no phone/book and just *being*, or it might be a guided meditation, or a lil' afternoon disco nap if I feel like it, or doing a pilates class (focusing on something else other than my regular programming!).

We need to remind ourselves that being still is an important part of self-care and that what we might consider 'doing nothing' IS actually productive; it allows rest and rejuvenation so that we've got the capacity and motivation for what's to come.

Whatever/wherever your stillness is, don't take your phone.


Be selfish! This is your time - what do YOU want to do with it? What do you want to achieve? And by when? What do you need to do today, this week, this month, this year to get there? 

Small tasks, completed frequently, not only help keep you motivated (we all know the feeling that comes with ticking a task off your do to list) but also contribute to achieving a much bigger goal you may have previously thought impossible. 



We often try and do everything, all at once - and as a result, we may not do anything really well (hello it me!). What’s the ONE single most important or urgent thing that you need to do today/tomorrow? Do that and that only until it gets done. Stop squirrelling. Focus! 


Grab a notebook (nothing like putting pen to paper!) and write down ONE thing that makes you happy, every day. Up the anti and write daily positive affirmations for the things you wish for the future. On the days when you’re feeling like things are all a bit much, read back over your happy thoughts.


Having some kind of routine provides comfort and familiarity, even at times when life around us seems anything but. Recently I've started a new lil' morning routine: wake up, do a 20 minute meditation whilst lying on an acupressure mat (ouch, but also good ouch), walk to the coffee shop for a coffee and a pretzel, phone-a-friend on the walk home. It's the simple things, you know?!


Vitamin D is said to help curb anxiety, depression, disease (it helps keep your immune system in check) as well as being a contributor to good bone health. Whilst it's imperative we slip-slop-slap 365 days a year, there's nothing like the feeling of that early morning sunshine on your skin.



This.is.a.must and a fave of mine that I do on the regular. It's simple: with your goals and to do list in mine, write a fresh list of things you know you need to stop doing, the things you need to start doing  and the things you should keep doing that are serving you. The hard part is taking action, but acknowledging what's working and what's not is a solid and v important part of the process.


Quantity is important, but quality equally so. Try and go to bed and wake up at the same time each day; try not to exercise, eat a heavy meal or watch TV right before bed (too much stimulation on various levels); and ensure your room is cool, quiet and very dark. 

DO MORE OF WHAT YOU ENJOY (and not what other people want/think you should)

I'm just going to leave this here for anyone who needs to hear it. It's ok to say 'no' sometimes and you should be able to do so without shame/embarrassment/hesitation. Set boundaries. Put yourself first for once; it’s a huge part of self-care. Your life, your terms!

HNY ahead, Moxettes. It's going to be a good one, I'm sure of it. Dream big 💫 - Mia x