Say "ciao" to cleansers and "sayonara" to harsh scrubs  and wave "hello" to our new face hero: Moxie’s own make-up remover cloth!

It’s made from a suuuper soft, tightly woven micro-fibre fabric that grips onto your make-up  even long-lasting eyeliner and stubborn matte lipstick  and dissolves it all away with nothing but water. 


We can’t stop raving about it and have a hard time choosing what we love best about it: It’s a toss-up between the fact that it works with all skin types or that it’s machine washable (so way better for the environment than tossing single-use make-up wipes in the bin like we used to)!

Grab one in a Moxie Box or grab one on its own for just $14.95.