There’s no doubt about it, life likes to test us sometimes. Maintaining a balance between life/work/friends/family/chores/life admin/fun is exhausting, let’s be honest, and sometimes it just all gets a bit much. If you’ve ever fallen victim to a mini-meltdown, whatever your circumstances, know that you’re not alone! From improving your time management, to helping you better manage stress, to some easy self-care hacks, here are our top 6 tips to help you feel like you’ve got life all sorted, even if you really don’t (just yet):


1.) Download a time management app

If time management isn’t your strong suit and procrastinating is more your thing, then these apps are right up your alley. A MoxieHQ fave is Remember the Milk, which literally helps you to remember even the most menial of tasks, as the name suggests. You can even assign tasks to other people! Other goodies to check out are 2Do, Finish and todoist. You’re only a to-do list app away from living your best (and most organised) life, Moxette!


2.) Wear a matching bra and undies

Whilst sometimes we’ll suffer for fashion, deep down we’re really just creatures of comfort – which probably most often results in the classic full-brief, comfort-first undies (Moxie ones, of course!). We are ALL FOR comfort, but sometimes, popping on your slickest, sexiest or cutest matching set can do wonders for your confidence.


3.) Put *something* away into a savings account every pay day

You know those times when pay day comes around and for a moment you forget you're not rich and you splurge everything you’ve just earned on that new jacket you’ve been eyeing, and endless smashed avo? Having a just-in-case fund is a very adult and responsible thing to do, and will make you feel less guilty about those treat yo’ self moments. Try and put away 20% of your total salary every month into a high interest earning account and DON’T TOUCH IT unless it’s an emergency (fancy sneakers on sale is not an emergency! Though we can be easily swayed…).


4.) Subscribe to stuff

The ultimate set-and-forget hack – some argue that subscriptions make you lazy because you stop remembering stuff, but really, having to remember just causes anxiety - why remember things when someone else can do it for you?! Outsourcing stuff that other people can do for you is excellent time management! You can find a subscription solution for pretty much anything these days; from the obvious necessities like pre-prepared healthy meals, to food delivery, to super cute purse-worthy period products to wine and even more specialised types like the bacon club (srsly where has this been all my life?!) and , there’s a subscription out there to suit everyone.


5.) Clean out your closet

Have you tried it? It’s incredibly cathartic. Take everything out, try everything on and only put back in what you have worn more than once in the last 12 months, or what looks good on you. Sell, give away or donate the rest.


6.) Meditate

Meditating can’t pick up your dry cleaning or do your meal prep for the week, but it is an incredible tool to help you de-stress! We often create so much anxiety even just worrying about all the stuff we have and want to do, that even the ‘doing’ sometimes isn’t enough. Meditation is an amazing stress management tool that actually helps your mind be still, even if just for a few moments. We’ve worked up to doing it 20 minutes a day and the impact on life in general has been amazing – you’ll find that you’re happier, will sleep better, and more mentally and emotionally prepped to tackle life head on, regardless of what it throws at you. A MoxieHQ fave is the 'One Giant Mind' app (bonus: it’s free!).


7.) Seek help

Mental health is SO.IMPORTANT. We look after our bodies, but do we pay enough attention to our minds? Sometimes it helps to talk to someone trusted, whether that be a therapist or a helpline like Lifeline or Beyond Blue. This isn't to be taken lightly. If you're feeling overwhelmed, PLEASE reach out - to a trusted professional or even a friend/loved one. There are people out there who have got your back and will help guide you through whatever it is that's keeping you up at night.


Feeling more together yet, Moxette? Even if you implement just one of these hacks into your daily life, you're already more organised than you were before you started!