December 07, 2020

Moxie gift guide - self care gift kits & pamper boxes | Moxie

These are a few of our favourite things… progressive, useful and thoughtful self-care products for you and your best pals, as used and chosen by the team at MoxieHQ. It’s been one helluva year and so what better way to remind a special someone somewhere else in the world that you’re thinking of them? (yup we're now shipping world-wide!).

We’ve just added a HEAP of new carefully curated Gift Boxes and Kits to the e-store to suit a range of budgets, but you can also build your own Box, too. We’ll even ship it to the lucky recipient on your behalf (just mark as ‘is this a gift?’ at the checkout and be sure to input their address in the shipping section).

Here’s your one-stop-shop holiday gift list, sorted:



Moxie 'bestie' gift kit

The 'Bestie' Gift Kit $44.95 (with free express shipping).

Nothing but the best for the best with this cutsie gift pack dedicated to your ride-or-die, featuring a 'Best/Also Best' pin set. 


Moxie Welcome to Periods!

'Welcome to Periods!' starter Boxes from $40 (with free express shipping).

First periods can be awks so what better gift than the gift of first period peace-of-mind? Including all the things they need to help them manage their first period like a BOSS, from a mini hot water bottle, to chocolate, education booklets and of course, a stellar selection of period care.


Moxie Book Box - self care gifts, kits & pamper boxes | Moxie

Moxie Book Box $99.95 (with free express shipping).

A collection of our favourite titles written by women with spades of Moxie in their own right, plus some extra Moxie treats. Some seriously fierce Summer reading, packed in a pretty lil' Box.


Moxie A Lil' Something gift kit - self care gifts & pamper boxes | Moxie

A lil' something gift kit $24.95.

The perfect *something* when you're in need of a thoughtful gift for a special someone (or a secret Santa) - with a femme and fierce edge, naturally.


Moxie Welcome (back) to Periods Box - self care gifts | Moxie

'Welcome (back) to Periods!' Box $54.95 (with free express shipping).

There are times in our lives when our periods go AWOL: during pregnancy, whilst breastfeeding, through stressful situations, while on certain medications... here's a kit we curated especially for that special Moxette in your life, with all the tools they need to help get them back into the swing of things.


Moxie 'Love Box #1' - self care gift kits & pamper boxes | Moxie

Moxie Love Box #1 $79.95 (with free express shipping).

Share the ‘love’ or gift it to yourself with our Moxie Love Box #1, filled with a selection of our favourite pleasure treasures. ALSO did you know that orgasms can help with period cramps? Period sex is perfectly fine as long as you're comfortable and it's consensual (any medical concerns, please consult a Doc) and so this box includes your choice of two Moxie period products. (We've also created an option without period care - shop the Love Box #2, here).


Moxie Gift Box - self care gift kits & pamper boxes | Moxie

Moxie Gift Box $54.95 (with free express shipping).

It's called self-care and we're all about it, but our Mums are often too busy doing it for everyone else that they forgot to do it for themselves! Remind yours that's it's ok to take a break sometimes (and gift them with the goodies they need to help them actually do it).


Gifts under $25 - self care gifts and pamper boxes | Moxie

Gifts under $25 (from $6.95).

Mini hotties, smudge sprays, femme & fierce books and rock candy - there's a lil' extra something here for everyone.


Moxie Box Club - period subscription boxes, delivered | Moxie

Moxie Box Club subscription Box from $25

Start the year off right with period peace-of-mind and make 'shop period products (in time for next period so I don't get caught out - again)' one less thing you have to worry about. Customise with your preferred period products, then set and forget. You can change, pause, skip a month (or more) or cancel your Box at any time. Your period, your Box, your choice.


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 *Please note that prices here are listed in AUD. If you're shopping internationally, you can select to view our e-store in a different currency.


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