There’s one thing every self-care guide tells you to do after a tough day or week of cramps: draw a bath and relax into it until your digits are wrinkled.


But if you’re an apartment-dweller or living that compact bathroom life, dropping a bath bomb and zoning out isn’t super realistic. Never fear: we've put together some at-home spa ideas to help you get zen with no tub soaking necessary!

First, set the scent. Light your fave candle or turn you bathroom into a perfume heaven by running the shower super hot for a minute, and pouring or spritzing a few drops of your fave essential oil into the steam. The steam will clear your pores and the oil will make you smell incredible. 

Next, scrub away any dead skin (and bad vibes) with a gentle exfoliant, body scrub or a dry body brush (if you're opting for the dry body brush, do this before you get in the shower).

Once you're all scrubbed up, it's time to get glossy! Infuse your skin with moisture by slathering in a rich body butter or oil. Take your time reaching your elbows and any dry patches - it doesn't count as "me time" if you rush it.

Finally, treat your mug with a gentle skincare routine - we've got some tips for top products to use depending on which phase of your cycle you're in right here - finishing with a soothing face mask. 

Slice some cucumber or pop a cool pack over your eyes to help combat tired eyes and puffy skin. It's also a sure way to zone out, literally do nothing and not be tempted to check your phone. Aaaaand RELAX.