March 06, 2020


For every Moxie Menstrual Cup sold on our e-store for the month of March, we'll donate a Moxie Cup to an Indigenous Australian woman in need via our pals at Share the Dignity.

Period poverty is very real, Moxettes, and it's happening on our doorstep! The problem is exacerbated in some of our more remote Indigenous communities, where women don't have adequate access to period care due to a lack of availability, embarrassment in seeking products or inflated prices. These women are often forced to use mattress foam instead of period products, or even wash disposable pads in an attempt to re-use them. This is not a dignified period and every woman deserves better!

This March, we're joining the 'Dignity Drive', championed by 'Share the Dignity', which aims to support those in most need with personal care products that help them better manage their periods.

Why Menstrual Cups, you ask? After much discussion with Rochelle Courtney, Founder of Share the Dignity and tireless campaigner for women at risk, we agreed that Cups were a good solution because of their sustainability and reusability. If well-cared for, a Cup can last for YEARS!

"We're on a mission to End Period Poverty and we are so grateful to Moxie for being part of that solution", Rochelle Courtenay - Founder, Share the Dignity.

But we can't do it without you, Moxettes - this one's gonna be a team effort. If you've been pondering making the switch to a Cup, the time is NOW!


* this initiative runs for the entire month of March 2020.


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