Taking your make-up off after a long day can feel like a chore, but leaving it on overnight is a sure way to clog your pores - which can lead to pesky breakouts. Your skin if your biggest organ – let it breathe! An easy-peasy way to keep your skin clean with minimal effort is to use a reusable make-up remover cloth like our Moxie ones – simply add water and wipe you’re face… CLEAN! No chemicals, no cleansing lotions or potions, just water. How easy is that?!


2. Plait your hair before bed for next day beachy waves

Such a good hack with great results for minimal effort! Plait or braid your hair before bed (single plait, fish braid, Pippy Longstocking side braids or even little buns), sleep on it (obvs) and wake up to luscious wavy locks!


3. Sleep on silk

Using a silk pillowcase not only feels super luxe, but it can prevent sleep lines on your face (which over time, can develop into wrinkles) and also help keep your hair frizz free! Which means less maintenance and ‘fix its’ in your waking hours…


4. Create a casual make-up routine

Have you heard? Minimal make-up is in… good by us! Create yourself a 5-minute ‘make-up’ routine that helps you look and feel fresh without having to spend hours grooming and contouring (why hide all that natural beauty anyways?!). Our go-to is to opt for a light tinted sunscreen as a base to even out skin-tone and protect from the sun’s harsh rays (the sunscreen part is mission critical, Moxettes! ELES make a really nice mineral ‘sheer tint’ with SPF in three different shades. Nice because you can still see your actual skin underneath!), a lick of mascara (loving Chanel’s one at the moment) and a spot of gloss that doubles as a cheek tint (we like RMS ‘lip to cheek’ in ‘beloved’).


5. Sport some red lipstick – particularly on average hair days!

I know we said minimal make-up is in, but this one counts because it relies on you doing a lot less to the rest of your face! Red lippie acts as a focal point and detracts from hair that’s maybe could’ve done with a wash a day or so ago, or the little huddle of zits on your chin that have magically appeared overnight. A red lip is classic, super glam and can make you feel a lil’ ‘done up’ even if you’ve kept it simple!


6. Use an under-eye mask twice a week for fresh looking peepers

They take a minute to apply but can easily make you look like you’ve had hours more sleep than what you actually may have. Wear them whist you’re watching TV or even sitting at your desk. Try our Moxie nano-gold under-eye masks to help your peepers feeling and looking plump and hydrated (each pack comes with two sets).


7. Drink a heap of water

No explanation needed. Staying well-hydrated is one of the easiest things you can do for your skin, body and overall health and well-being.


8. Wear an overnight face mask

After you’ve washed your face with your Moxie make-up remover cloth (shameless plug!) pop on a nourishing leave-on night cream or mask that will work its magic as you’re sleeping (the Chantecaille range is heavenly. A lil’ exxy, but heavenly nonetheless!).


9. Go make-up free on weekends

This one requires you to literally do nothing. Give your skin a breather, Moxettes.


10. Get to bed by 10pm

Along with your body, your brain needs time to rest and recover from the day’s activities. Apparently it does all of its memory processing and recovery work around midnight, so you want to be well asleep by then. Give your brain the rest and rejuvenation it deserves to keep you functioning at your best throughout the day.