8 things to do with your empty Moxie tins.

May 01, 2019

Moxie Tin used as jewelry storage

Not only do these little tinnies keep your tamps in pristine, ready-to-use condition, but they’re also super handy for a raft of other up-cycle hacks. Here are some of our faves (as tried and tested by you!)…


1.) Jewellery storage

Hang your earrings off the rim and pop on your dresser, or store your necklaces and rings inside with the lid securely on top. Great for travelling, too, as the sturdiness of the tin is sure to keep anything precious from breaking.


2.) DIY deodorant

We love this one, as shared by a Moxette! Check out her easy-peasy ‘how-to’, here.


3.) Refill them!

This is an obvi one, Moxettes… but some of you may not know that we also make refill packs! Shop ‘em at Chemist Warehouse nationally or via our online store.


4.) Hide valuables whilst travelling

The perfect decoy for hiding some spare cash or precious jewels 😉


5.) Store bobby pins inside

Or hair ties or other baubles


6.) Make a candle

Check out our super simple at home DIY, here.


7.) Coin storage

Keep one in every bag/in the car and use them to collect any spare change… donate the takings to a worthy charity once they’re full!


8.) Recycle

If you’re tinnies have reached the end of their life, simply pop them out on the curb with your other weekly recyclables, or in any recyling bin. Magnetic tin is actually one of the most recyclable materials because it’s very easily separated during the sorting process.