What's 'normal' when it comes to your vagina? All the Q&As - with Dr. Kelly Griffin

November 14, 2019

Clotting blood during your period is considered 'normal'. Brown-ish blood is also 'normal'. Who knew?! Obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Kelly Griffin, that’s who! Irrespective of how many periods you’ve experienced, there are some fab teachable moments in this ep (like why we get period pain and exactly what’s going on down there when it happens). I asked qns like "what's considered a normal period", "what does a 'normal' vagina look like?" and "how should we be cleaning our vaginas?" and Dr. Griffin had answers for all of it. In this jam-packed episode about menstrual and sexual health, we cover all of the above, plus the importance of getting “checked”, the rise of STIs and how Aussie cervical screening guidelines have changed… Know your body, know your cycle and what to look out for!

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To learn more about Cervical Cancer Screening (Australia) head to:

To learn more about the Cervical Cancer Screening self-test (Australia) head to:

If you have any questions about your sexual health and are not quite sure where to start, you may consider reaching out to the Sexual Health Hotline (Australia). More info here:

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any specific medical concerns, we recommend you consult a trusted doctor or practitioner for a more personalised diagnosis and treatment plan.

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