"The world's worst Easter egg hunt, ever" - with Ella Ward.

May 27, 2020

In Ella's words, she's "An Aussie mum, wife, writer, Advertising boss lady and now (unfortunately), one of 'those cancer people' ". This is not just 'another cancer story' and it's definitely not a 'journey' - "it's an absolute sh*t-show", as she puts it.

At just 36, Ella Ward was diagnosed with - wait for it - anal cancer. Who even knew this was a thing? Especially in an otherwise healthy 36 year old woman?!

A self-confessed over-sharer, Ella decided early on in her diagnosis that she was going to document her sh*t-show and share it publicly on social media - and often, hilariously so (it feels a bit wrong saying that about something like this but it's not an understatement! You'll see/hear!).

We talk about fear, the importance of therapy as preventative self-care, IVF, early onset menopause, Jude Law (who is Ella's titanium Hollywood leave pass, if anyone listening can hook a gal up?) and of course, the dreaded big (anal) "C".

PLEASE bear with us on the sound in this ep. Given that we recorded during Covid-19/isolation, we opted for an appropriately distanced Zoom call instead of a face-to-face mic recording. So, we're relying on computer mics here that are certainly not studio quality - though let's be real, my eps never are! They're intended to be a li'l raw and not overly produced and are just like casual convos between pals - because really, that's exactly what is going on here.

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Ella's song choice for the Girl's Got Moxie S2 guest playlist on Spotify is "This Feeling" by Alabama Shakes.

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