The Girlfriend Experience - with sex worker and adult film actress, Lulu Reynolds.

June 29, 2020

“The people who do find it shameful have FOR SURE experienced the work of sex workers – they’ve been to a strip club, or they’ve watched porn – so why is the person themselves, when you meet them, not good enough?”

These words, by this episode’s guest, Lulu Reynolds, is a huge reason why I wanted to host an episode about sex work. It is an industry shrouded in stigmas, judgement, a level of secrecy and misunderstanding and so in true form of this podcast – a safe space where we can talk about the sometimes uncomfortable – I wanted to delve into all the things people want to know, but are often too embarrassed to ask, with an aim of breaking down some of these stereotyped stigmas that surround the sex industry and the people within it.

Earlier this year, I put a call out on the Girl’s Got Moxie Community Group on Facebook, and asked YOU, our Moxettes, what you were most curious about when it came to sex work. Here are some of your questions, as answered by Lulu…

What did you parents say when they found out what you do? Is what you do legal? Do you enjoy it? Is it safe? How do you keep yourself safe? Do you use your real name? How do you manage relationships outside of your work? How do you manage your period?!What’s the most common thing clients ask or come to you for? Can you see yourself doing this long-term?

PLZ NOTE: This episode is not intended as a definitive guide – it’s just one person’s experience, but one that is so openly and generously shared. We talk about sex work, intimacy and companionship, anxiety, isolation and we also every so slightly touch on sex trafficking, so please note that this episode may be triggering for some people who have had negative experiences with any of these things. It is also definitely NSFW, so pop your headphones in...!

A li’l reminder that you might hear the occasional plane, bike, bird, etc in the background – these eps are usually recorded in the comfort of my home, my guest's home/workplace, and so they are not highly edited!

Lulu's song choice for the Girl's Got Moxie S2 guest playlist on Spotify is "I put a spell on you" by Nina Simone.

Head to 'Overflow' @OfficialMoxieTV on YouTube for a BTS glimpse of this ep.

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