Menstrual super-powers (and how to harness them) - with Life Coach Michaela Rosandich.

May 06, 2020


I met Life Coach Michaela Rosandich last year at an event about period poverty and period shame that I was speaking at, and we just kinda hit it off: "Michaela, will you be on my podcast and talk about that thing you said earlier about period shame being a societal construct created by the patricarchy?" "Sure! When does it start?" And here we are.

Michaela started her career in corporate marketing but had her "a-ha!" moment in 2016, which is when she became a life coach and started her business 'Empress, Crow and Rabbit', supporting high achieving women (us, duh!) to better understand, explore and harness the 'super-powers' we have throughout our menstrual cycles - by understanding the different and changing energies throughout our cycles, and by tracking these, we can change our work-flows to suit; in turn helping life in general flow more smoothly.

We talk: How Michala made the career leap from Corporate Marketing to Life Coach Menstrual Super-powers and how to get the best out of each phase of your period. The different phases of your period, the moon, and how the two are connected. Period shame. The history of matrimony, matriarchy and patriarchy

Michaela's song choice for the Girl's Got Moxie S2 guest playlist on Spotify is "Hey Mickey" by Toni Basil.

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