Intimate equality and consent - with Jonny condoms co-founders Sam Eades and Bec Park.

October 13, 2019

On today’s episode I speak to Sam Eades and Bec Park, two of the three (Bec Villanti is currently OS!) founders of Jonny: a vegan-friendly condom brand that stands for intimate equality, encouraging women to take charge of their sexual experiences and sexual health in a safe and fun way. We talk sex (obvs), awkward encounters, push-back in business in a ‘taboo’ category and how Jonny is helping to (positively) change how we perceive consent.

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You can learn more about Jonny at: and @choose_jonny on Instagram.

Bec and Sam’s song choices for the “Girl’s Got Moxie guest playlist” on Spotify are: “Black Betty” by (Sam’s request) and “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John (Bec P’s request).


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