I'm prettier now that I don't care - beauty in 2020 with Erika Geraerts, Founder of Fluff Casual Cosmetics.

October 18, 2020

"Beauty is so much more than make-up", says Erika Geraerts, Founder of Australian brand Fluff Casual Cosmetics, and my guest and fellow biz buddy on this episode. With this sentiment in mind and for the second time in a decade (she also co-founded the hugely successful beauty brand, Frank Body), Erika has truly disrupted an industry that has previously mostly told us that we need to wear stacks of make-up or follow a rigorous, multi-product, multi-step beauty routine in order to look or feel good about ourselves. But the needle is shifting, dialogues around the relationship between beauty and self-love are evolving and norms are changing (for the better) - Erika and Fluff are no doubt big drivers of this.

In this ep, Eri and I talk about:
how our relationship with beauty/cosmetics and self-love/self-care is changing (particularly during a time when we're all barely going out, mostly interacting through screens and wearing face-masks!)the challenges associated with being a young female founderthe pressures vs. the realities of 'the start-up dream'the huge shift in starting in business and launching a brand in 2013 vs. 2020how she's using her time in lockdown to write and plan for post iso life!

... amongst a HEAP of other things. Pop a mask on, put your headphones in, go for a socially-distanced walk and take in the wisdom that is this incredible business (and beauty) brain.

Erika's song choice for the Girl's Got Moxie S2 guest playlist on Spotify is "The Last Best Place" by John Hayes.

Head to 'Overflow' @OfficialMoxieTV on YouTube for a BTS glimpse of this ep.

Learn more about/follow Fluff Casual Cosmetics and Erika at: @itsall.fluff and @erikageraerts to for a recently written piece written by Erika about life during Covid-19, that we also talk about in this ep.

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