From ballerina to Endo Girl - with Sophia Bender, film-maker and endo-warrio

March 17, 2020

A couple of years ago, I met and got chatting to a woman randomly at a Melbourne nail salon... I was convinced she was a ballerina; she was tall and graceful and had perfect posture. Turns out, she wasn't a ballerina, but she DID work for the Australian Ballet... They say that everything happens for a reason and apart from since becoming practically inseparable from said tall/leggy/graceful (also whip-smart, beautiful, intelligent and incredibly kind) friend, this episode is one of the wonderful domino affects of meeting good people (at nail salons). I was introduced to Sophia Bender in mid-2019 via our mutual friend - I had heard that Sophia was working on a film about endometriosis and I was really intrigued to learn more. When Sophia and I met and I first heard her story, I was immediately FLOORED and asked "will you be on my podcast?" This was a podcast that at the time, didn't even exist. Sophia is one of the major reasons I started Girl's Got Moxie: to tell the stories that need to be amplified!

This was actually my first ever recorded episode of the poddy, but we decided to hold it a while to coincide with Endometriosis Awareness Month (March) for which Sophia is now a proud Champion.

From ballerina, to endo-warrior, to 'Endo Girl' film-maker; here is Sophia's story.

(I'd like to dedicate this episode to ALL the endo-warriors out there: the 1 in 10 women who are or will be diagnosed. We need to keep striving for better awareness, detection, support and treatment. And of course, to leggy friend, Kate, for being an all 'round freaking legend and mega champ of other women's successes).

Head over to OVER-FLOW on YouTube (by @OfficialMoxieTV) for a BTS glimpse of this podcast episode where Sophia and I talk about what it means to have 'Moxie'!

Sophia's song request for the Girl's Got Moxie S2 playlist is 'Midnight City', by M83.

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Learn more about Sophia's films and watch the Endo Girl trailer at: on Insta: @endogirl_shortfilm and @sophiabender_Learn more about Endometriosis:


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