"2020 sucks!" Life, business and dating in iso - with Lisa Teh and Phoebe Simmonds.

April 28, 2020

2020 as we (thought we) knew it has been turned on its head - what an sh*t-storm! I've invited back two of my life/biz buds who I chatted to late last year on the poddy: Lisa Teh, Founder of 'Codi' Digital Marketing Agency, personal care brand '101 Lifestyle' and the 'Lick' podcast; and Phoebe Simmonds, Founder of 'The Blow Australia' and Co-founder of 'The Memo', your ultimate online edit for all things baby - to talk about life and business whilst in iso. From iso-dating, to whether or not it's socially acceptable for milennials to be on Tik-Tok, to how our life and business routines have changed, to feeling the pressure to be productive during lockdown, we reflect on all the things we said we'd do in 2020 vs. the things we're ACTUALLY doing...

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Learn more about Lisa’s businesses @codiagency and and Lisa herself at @lisateh_ For savvy biz tips, listen to the Lick podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Learn more about Phoebe’s businesses @theblowaustralia and @fromthememo and Phoebe herself @phoebeactually

Brene Brown’s new podcast: Unlocking Us (find it on Apple Podcasts)


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