Pesky period stains on your fave knickers?

Mix half a teaspoon of salt with some cold water and scrub onto the stain in question with an old toothbrush. The salt helps loosen the stain and lift it out of the fibres. Follow by putting them through their regular wash cycle and BAM! Your knickers are new!

Say sayonara to the salt.

Salt can often make you retain water, which can lead to uncomfortable bloating.

Reach for the nuts.

The edible kind...! Almonds, cashews, and brazil nuts are high in magnesium, which helps replenish that which you lose whilst menstruating.

Sleep tight throughout the night.

It's a no-no to use tampons whilst you're sleeping, so I recommend wearing an extra-long overnight pad (like my Moxie Sleepovers) during the night. The length will help prevent leaks when you roll around dreaming of Justin Bieber (I know, he got HOT!).

Get busy to curb menstrual cramps.

During orgasm, your uterus contracts and releases a heap of brain chemicals, including oxytocin, which is the body's natural pain reliever.