We wouldn’t wish cramps on our worst enemy, but when you’ve got no plans, your best gal pals and one of these movies queued up, it’s a little easier to take your mind off them. It's "Galentine's Day", Moxettes - time to treat-yo-selves!

The movie versions of comfort food, these are our all-time faves, so whether you prefer to ride the night solo or invite over your bestie, get ready to laugh, cry and eat everything you want. 



Okay so we’re starting off with a bit of a heartbreaker, but before CeCe and Hillary’s lives brought us to tears they were the cutest besties and roommates. From childhood to adulthood – with kids, husbands and complicated careers thrown into the mix – they always had each other’s backs when it was really important. Oh no, now we’re crying again!


My Girl

When Vada Sultenfuss got her period for the first time and thought she was haemorrhaging – we felt that. It’s set in the ‘70s and was released in the ’90s, which just goes to show that stories of girlhood, crushes, friends and family are universal no matter where or when you grew up. Plus, the soundtrack is unbeatable and Macauley Culkin was truly adorable as Vada’s BFF, Thomas J.


First Wives Club

Three words: Midler, Keaton, Hawn. Three more words: Sarah Jessica Parker. Honestly, the only thing more liberating than watching these freshly divorced friends reconnect years after losing touch is watching them do it in matching outfits while scamming back their shady husbands’ money. In some ways, they were kind of the original Joannes.


The Way We Were

Your girl is lovely, Hubbell.” If you’ve only heard these words when Carrie said them to Mr. Big, it’s time to go back to the totally timeless and devastating source material. You know Katie and Hubbell are doomed from the start – he’s too straight-laced and complacent, she’s too much of just about everything in his world – but watching them try to make it work makes for an incredible story nonetheless.