By Mia Klitsas, Moxie Co-Founder.

I always say: fail to plan and plan to fail! 

Most of us have so much going on in our lives and it can all feel a little overwhelming when we try and do too much without a way to tackle it all. If I don’t plan ahead, when it comes to crunch time I’ll find that I’ve always forgotten something. Which brings me to my first tip for how to handle anything life throws your way …


1.)    Write lists

I’m a huge list-writer. I keep them on my phone, in a book by my bed, on Post-its around the house… 

Some I keep regularly are: top five things I need to do tomorrow, my key goals for the month, what to pack for a summer getaway (just in case!) and new business ideas. Most lists I refer back to regularly, but sometimes they just help me get my thoughts down.

2.)    Get yourself a stellar carry-all

I used to be notorious for carrying around three or four different bags: a clutch for quick errands, a gym bag, a laptop bag, a larger tote for work. Life became very cumbersome! 

My new carry-all pick is by Sparro; I only got mine a few weeks ago and it comes everywhere with me now. It has a heap of special compartments for anything you could even think of carrying – think gym gear, snacks, a laptop, water bottles, pens, notebooks – and is perfect in helping you transition between all the things you’ve gotta do throughout the day. It’s the perfect size for travel, too. 

 3.)    Keep some beauty essentials at the office

The lines between day and night are so blurred when you work late, so I often find myself heading out straight from the office. Rather than having to dart home in crazy peak-hour traffic to freshen up, I now just to keep a duplicate of my beauty essentials in the bathroom at MoxieHQ. I also keep a third batch of everything in a toiletry bag, so if I have to travel on the fly, I just grab the bag and go.

4.)    Get tech savvy

Some of my faves apps that help make life a little easier are:

1Password (helps store and keep all your passwords secure); 

Dropbox for storing pics and files';

Tripit (travel organiser);

Slack for work correspondence between the cre; and,

Polar Beat, which tracks all my workouts. 

And it all sits on my iPhone – just don’t forget to back it up! There’s probably a reminder app for that, too …  

5.)    Sign up to Moxie Box Club

Okay, I know I’m (very) biased here, but a period subscription totally makes sense! We came up with the idea for Moxie Box Club to help ensure that Moxettes never run out of period essentials again. It's discreet, reliable and delivered – and I’m also giving one away below!

                                                        Mia  x